Introducing Cherry Blossom and Sandalwood and Oud

Introducing Cherry Blossom and Sandalwood and Oud

At Heyland and Whittle we strive to bring you the very best fragrance and highest quality products, which is why we're excited by the launch of two new scents in our Classic range. We have expanded our popular range to include sweet Cherry Blossom and earthy Sandalwood and Oud products.

These new fragrances are stunning additions to our range, offering you two different orient-inspired scents. So exactly what makes these new fragrances so special?

Cherry Blossom

A stunning choice for spring, our new Cherry Blossom home fragrance offers a subtle and understated scent. The fruity cherry is perfectly complemented by sweet vanilla, while hints of amber add a lovely warmth to the mix, ensuring the bouquet isn't too sugary. 

This balance results in a sophisticated fragrance that will make you feel as though you're relaxing in a sunny Japanese garden, even if the weather outside is more winter than spring. 

It is a great scent if you want something delicate, as the combination of the three main notes creates an aroma that seems as though it's being carried in on a breeze. The romantic fragrance is a lovely alternative to stronger fruit-based perfumes, with floral undertones that offer a refined perfume for your home.

With so many features of the fragrance blending seamlessly together, it really is a beautifully soft but complex option.

The gorgeous Cherry Blossom scent is available in handcrafted reed diffusers and candles, allowing you to enjoy the fragrance all the time or indulge in it on relaxed evenings.  

Sandalwood and Oud

Heyland and Whittle have two new fragrances just in time for spring

Perhaps a more overtly-oriental fragrance, our new Sandalwood and Oud scent is ideal for those that enjoy a stronger perfume for their home. Sandalwood combines with woody oud to create a timeless scent that is beautifully warm and sunny.

The slight touch of sweetness added to the mix by the oud helps the fragrance to work on several levels, creating a distinctive smell that is sure to add to the character of your home. 

As well as the beautiful woody scents, the fragrance also includes just a hint of rose, with the floral aspect stopping the characteristic spice of sandalwood from becoming overpowering. This results in a perfectly layered fragrance that has a few surprises the more you smell it.

The fragrance is perfect for those who enjoy a deeper, muskier scent, offering an elegant option that won't overpower. Guaranteed to invoke the spirit of the orient, the refined combination is incredibly sophisticated and helps to round out our lovely Classic range

Just as with the Cherry Blossom fragrance, Sandalwood and Oud is available in reed diffusers and candles, allowing you to create an exotic atmosphere in your home throughout the day or revel in the rich scent in the evenings.

Whether you're after something soft and sweet or defined and woody, we've got you covered with these beautiful new fragrances. 

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