Introducing: Our new Gold Classic Collection

Introducing: Our new Gold Classic Collection

Please forgive us for pointing it out ... but there are now less than 100 days until Christmas. If thinking about what to buy your loved ones brings you out in a cold sweat, stay calm - there's still plenty of time, and our brand new Gold Classic Collection could provide you with some early inspiration.

The exquisitely-packaged home fragrance products in the range are the perfect indulgent treat either for yourself or someone else, with six classic Heyland & Whittle aromas for you to choose from.

The Gold Classic candles and reed diffusers are available in six of our most popular scents, each of which will fill your home with a gorgeous fragrance. These are:

Citrus Lavender

Our Citrus Lavender Candle and Citrus Lavender Reed Diffuser are reminiscent of an English country garden in full bloom thanks to their beautifully-combined fruity and floral notes. Lavender is a softly soothing scent, while the products' citrus tang also provide them with an invigorating vibrancy.

Clementine Prosecco

Can't get enough of prosecco? You can fill your home with the scent of your favourite tipple and a zesty, and - dare we say it this early? - festive, hint of orange with the Clementine Prosecco Candle and Clementine Prosecco Reed Diffuser. With their glittering gold packaging, they'll look and smell equally sparkling.

Greentea Grapefruit

The Gold Classic candles and reed diffusers are available in six of our most popular scents

Greentea Grapefruit has been selected as part of the Gold Classic Collection due to its uplifting and refreshing fruity notes, which work amazingly together to create the perfect fresh-smelling home fragrance.

Lily Ylang Ylang

If you love the ornate look of the range and want a rich smell to match, then the Lily Ylang Ylang Candle and Lily Ylang Ylang Reed Diffuser are the perfect choice. This fragrance features notes of sweet florals and warm vanilla that you simply won't be able to get enough of, so remember to keep refills for your diffuser handy.

Wild Lemongrass

Wild Lemongrass is both invigorating and intoxicating. Even after you've blown out our Wild Lemongrass Candle, your home will smell gorgeously refreshed.

Sandalwood Oud

With an exotic aroma reminiscent of the Orient, our Sandalwood Oud home fragrance products are the sixth scent available in the Gold Classic Collection, filling your home with notes of earthy, smoky wood and sweet rose.

Gorgeous gold packaging

The Gold Classic Collection comprises a luxury range of candles and reed diffusers in six beautiful scents. Each product in the collection comes in its own glass vessel that has been etched with a unique design, so you'll have something really special to add to your mantelpiece or dressing table.

Each candle and diffuser box also looks sensational, with gold leaf and opulently-coloured flowers intricately weaved onto the side of every piece of packaging - it looks so pretty you won't want to throw it away, and makes for a beautifully-boxed gift.

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