Introducing: The Heyland & Whittle Christmas collection 2017

Introducing: The Heyland & Whittle Christmas collection 2017

It might still be October, but Christmas is coming. The kids have had their half-term, Halloween is upon us and you've probably got the date for the local Christmas lights switch-on in your diary. And you know what this means - Christmas shopping time is here.

Thanks to online shopping, this no longer has to mean spending hours queuing in the department store in town with hundreds of other fed up shoppers, but it does mean you need to have a clear idea of what you want in mind.

So, allow us to introduce the Heyland & Whittle Christmas collection 2017, a stunning range of three core fragrances inspired by frankincense, myrrh and winter spice.


Inspired by one of the gifts given by the three wise men in the nativity story, our Frankincense fragrance is a glorious fusion of warm oriental and floral scents that combine to create a stunning festive aroma.

The products in this range feature notes of rose, jasmine, vanilla, cinnamon, oud, musk, cistus oil and, of course, frankincense itself, which is a resin obtained from the boswellia tree, most commonly found in southern Asia.

Our Frankincense fragrance is a glorious fusion of warm oriental and floral scents

The end result of our Frankincense scent is a sweet, yet smoky and woody aroma, meaning it's heady and powerful, but completely beautiful.


Our Myrrh fragrance is another gorgeously warm scent inspired by the east, with extracts of myrrh itself at its centre. This is combined with refreshing bergamot and a heady mix of floral scents including jasmine, rose, geranium and patchouli. Warming amber, musk and oud complete the fragrance, creating an overall result that's decadent, cosy and absolutely perfect for this time of year.

Winter Spice

If you could bottle the smell of Christmas, which specific scents would you try to capture? Turkey, stuffing and pigs in blankets? Or perhaps oranges, cloves and other spices reminiscent of mulled wine? We've gone for the latter - as enticing as the aroma of Christmas dinner is, we're not sure your loved ones will appreciate a gift that makes their home smell of it all year round.

Our Winter Spice range smells just like Christmas - there's really no better way to describe it and you'll know exactly what we mean if you try it for yourself. Its notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and orange will make a home smell like mulled wine and Christmas cake all in one.

Gift ideas

Each product in this year's Heyland & Whittle Christmas collection is wrapped in opulent packaging featuring gold leaf and stunning jewel-inspired colours, meaning they make beautiful-looking gifts.

The three fragrances in the range are each available as candles in a glass, candles in a tin, reed diffusers and handmade soap bars, and they've also been added to our collection of bath melts. All of our products use natural ingredients, so they're perfect presents for anyone with sensitive skin. And, of course, they smell exquisite.

There really is something for everyone and to suit all budgets in our festive collection. Check out our full range of Christmas gifts here