Introducing: The new Heyland & Whittle Home Solutions range

Introducing: The new Heyland & Whittle Home Solutions range

Here on the Heyland & Whittle blog, when we're talking about aromas, we're usually describing the gorgeous floral or fruity scents of our beauty and home fragrance products, but we're going to break away from that for a moment and discuss a few more unpleasant odours.

Burnt toast, takeaway curry, plumbing problems, hard-boiled eggs, the dog after a walk in the rain, the hamster's cage, cigarette smoke, teenagers' football kits - there are some nasty stenches that can linger in our homes for much longer than we'd like, and bog-standard air fresheners often do little to mask them.

You can now say goodbye to those inadequate cover-up options though, as we are proud to introduce the brand new Heyland & Whittle Home Solutions range - a unique collection of six refreshing fragrances designed to eradicate the most unpleasant of smells from your home.

Each of these gorgeous scents will be available from March 1st as a Reed Diffuser or Candle in a Tin to fill the room in question with a beautiful aroma, driving away that unpleasant stench. The fragrances in the Home Solutions range are also available as brand new Room Sprays, which you can generously spritz in the direction of an odour for an immediate effect that lasts for hours.

So, without further ado, let us introduce you to the six new Home Solutions fragrances:

The Chef's Friend: Covering kitchen smells

While there are some beautiful aromas to be cooked up in the kitchen, from freshly baked bread to steaming homemade pies, the room can play host to some less than pleasant smells too. Burnt food, for example, or those chip shop chips that smelt amazing in the evening, but not quite so fresh the morning after.

These are exactly the kind of scenarios our new The Chef's Friend fragrance is here to solve, with its refreshing blend of lemongrass and lime acting as a zesty yet neutral deodoriser for your kitchen.

Pongone: Perfect for the bathroom

A unique collection of six refreshing fragrances

The bathroom can be one of the most challenging rooms to keep smelling fresh, but we've made the task a lot easier for you with our Pongone scent, which is an aromatic blend of roses and peonies that combine beautifully to create a heady, floral aroma that will mask even the nastiest of smells.

Anti-Tabac: Goodbye stale smoke

Even if you're not a smoker yourself but you've hosted visitors who smoke or the smell of stale cigarettes still lingers from previous occupants, our Anti-Tabac-scented products are designed to fill your home with a warm and musky cedarwood and vanilla fragrance that will make that stale smoke stench a distant memory after just a few moments.

Whiff Away: For the animal-loving household

As much as we love our pets, we have to admit, they can smell pretty bad sometimes! Whether they've been out in the rain, rolling in something they shouldn't or are refusing a bath, you've probably been left wishing more than once that your pet could use a deodorant.

Well, our new Whiff Away fragrance will have to act as the next best thing. With sharp yet fresh herbal notes provided by an energising blend of bergamot and sage, Whiff Away is designed to be a subtle yet refreshing odour neutraliser for pet-loving households.

Fresh Linen: The ultimate refresher

Few scents can give the illusion better that your home is in order than the smell of freshly washed laundry, meaning our Fresh Linen fragrance is ideal for any room that could do with feeling a little fresher.

Its smell is a lovely blend of cotton flowers and mimosa, making it perfect for bringing the sweet scent of spring to your home, even weeks before the first flowers begin to appear outdoors.

Sleep Easy: For night time calm

The smell of a room can have a significant impact on our mood, so we need something gentle, calming and relaxing in the bedroom to help us to nod off easily at night.

Sleep Easy is the culmination of a soothing blend of lavender and chamomile, which will help to bring your mood down to a calmer level in the evenings, while keeping your bedroom smelling gorgeous throughout the rest of the day.

Which of the new Home Solutions fragrances is going to be your favourite? The collection will be available from March 1st. Shop it here