Keep Santa’s little helpers occupied this Christmas

Keep Santa's little helpers occupied this Christmas

Once your kids have finished with school this month, the excitement in your house about Christmas is sure to build to breaking point. Hyper kids are hard enough to handle as it is, but when you're also trying to get everything ready for Christmas Day, it can make things incredibly difficult.

This is why it pays to have some activities at the ready to keep them occupied while you finish doing everything you need to in order to ensure Christmas runs smoothly. Here are some good ideas for activities that Santa's little helpers will enjoy and that will keep them out from under your feet:

Festive cookies

Sweet treats are always a firm favourite no matter what time of year it is, so why not get your kids baking up a storm? Christmas biscuits are easy to make and lots of fun to decorate, all you need is some cookie cutters in festive shapes, icing and some sweets.

Even if you buy the biscuits to save time, decorating is still likely to keep your kids occupied while you make preparations for December 25th in the kitchen. Make sure they have plenty of icing in Christmas colours and enough sweets for the cookies and for them to sneakily eat when they think you aren't looking and it will keep them occupied for ages. 

Christmas cards

Making Christmas cards adds a nice personal touch to your season's greetings and means your little ones have something to give to family and friends. Whether you let them draw their favourite things about Christmas on the cards, use old ones to be cut up to create collages or have shapes and glitter for them to stick on, they'll find this a lot of fun.

Hyper kids are hard enough to handle as it is

In fact, you'll probably end up with more cards than you know what to do with as they are sure to go a bit mad with the creating.

Movie time

There are so many great films to watch at this time of year and a movie afternoon can help to calm your kids down and give you a chance to put your feet up too. Pop on one of your favourites and get everyone to settle down and watch so you can enjoy some quiet time.

Add hot chocolate and some treats into the mix and you'll probably find that some children have fallen asleep before the film has even finished.

Get them wrapping

If you've got a lot of presents to wrap, why not get them to help you? Gifts for grandparents, parents and friends are all ideal options for getting them involved, as it will make them feel proud to give the presents - plus it will save you some effort.

Show them the easiest way to wrap things and keep an eye on the tape to avoid any disasters and you'll have a pile of slightly oddly wrapped gifts in no time. Of course, they're just helping out Father Christmas as he deals with most of the presents. 

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