Kitchen Garden Candles are the ultimate scents of summer

Kitchen Garden Candles are the ultimate scents of summer

Nothing says summer like sitting out in the garden enjoying freshly grown produce, flavours from the Mediterranean or exotic fruits from your holidays. Now, you can bring the scents from these evocative memories into your home with our range of Kitchen Garden Candles.

Each one comes in a classic tin can, offering up retro style in a minimalist form, which will fit perfectly into any surroundings. Enjoy the clean, even burn of these candles all summer long, as just one will last up to 45 hours.

Heyland & Whittle's Tomato and Herb Kitchen Garden in a Can

The savoury selection

Black Olive

The peppery fragrance of black olive will immediately transport you to the Mediterranean where sunkissed days are spent lounging on the balcony or the local taverna snacking on these plump fruits. Light this candle before dinner to help build the anticipation for the meal to come.

Tomato & Herb

Any prize tomato grower will tell you these juicy specimens taste so much better straight from the garden. They have a curious scent that perfectly balances notes of sweet and savoury, which when combined with herbs is enough to fire a number of olfactory memories.

Garden Pea

Clean and fresh, the scent of peas plucked from the garden is one that will appeal to those who shy away from overly floral fragrances. It’s the smell of nature in its purest form and is subtle enough to give the impression that there’s no candle burning, just the organic waft of a breeze through an open window.

From black olives and garden peas to strawberries and vanilla custard, let these evocative candles transport you to your favourite summer destinations.

Heyland & Whittle's Mandarin and Pineapple Kitchen Garden Candles in a Tin

Scents sweet enough to eat


For those with a sweet palate, nothing comes close to strawberry, which is the unofficial fruit of British summertime. Enjoy this delicious aroma during after-dinner drinks or as the sun is setting on a warm day in the garden for moments that will stay with you all year.


Citrus scents have the ability to lift you up and reinvigorate your zest for life. Let the softer mandarin version of these heady fragrances warm the shared spaces of your home and provide a welcoming atmosphere for any visitors you have this summer.


Relive juicy fruit salads served on the beach or the important ingredient in those holiday cocktails with this pineapple candle. It’s the exotic burst of fragrance your sunny afternoons crave and is best enjoyed wearing shorts in the garden on a hotter-than-average day.

Coconut Milk

While you can’t be strolling along a tropical beach hand-in-hand with your partner all the time, there’s no reason your home can’t smell as if you are. Close your eyes for a moment and breathe in the scent of a freshly cracked coconut to feel calm and remember the sound of the waves slowly lapping against the shore.

Vanilla Custard

Imagine cracking the top of a vanilla-speckled creme brulee in a French bistro or witnessing the satisfying wobble of a panna cotta in a cafe in Turin after you light your new candle. The flavoursome seeds of the vanilla pod have enchanted diners all over the world for centuries and your nose is the latest subject destined to fall under their spell.

To discover the fragrances that will define your summer, shop the Kitchen Garden Candle collection here.