Last-minute Father’s Day gift guide

Last-minute Father's Day gift guide

Still struggling to decide what to get Dad for Father's Day this weekend? The occasion falls on Sunday June 17th this year, and it's a chance for us to show our dads, stepdads, grandads and other important men in our lives just how much they mean to us.

Men can be tricky to buy for though, and the traditional gifts of ties, socks, beer and garden centre vouchers might not quite hit the mark if you want to show that you've put a lot of thought into your present.

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Father's Day is an opportunity to give a token of appreciation for all the support your dad gives you throughout the year, whether that's through lifts, helping you out financially when you're struggling, or simply lending you a listening ear when you need it. So, you'll want to show that you're thinking beyond the expected gifts when thinking about what to give them.

Here are a few ideas for something a little bit different for a last-minute Father's Day gift this year:

If your Dad loves to cook up a storm

Does your dad make the best roast potatoes? Is he the curry master? Does he make a crumble to die for? Many dads like to show us their love by cooking for us and feeding us, so you might want to return the favour on Father's Day and cook or bake for them instead.

However, if their signature dish has a particularly powerful aroma, the memory of the meal can linger for much longer than you might have liked. If you regularly go round to see your dad only to be met by a strong smell of his curry creation from the night before, one of our Chef's Friend Reed Diffusers would make the perfect Father's Day gift.

Father's Day is an opportunity to give a token of appreciation

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This reed diffuser is a refreshing blend of lemongrass and lime teamed with an odour neutraliser, which is ideal for covering up strong cooking smells, leaving dad's home smelling beautifully fresh.

If it's the smell of smoke that you hate when you visit your dad, our Anti-Tabac Reed Diffuser would be a good gift option, helping to mask that odour with a wonderfully musky cedarwood and vanilla fragrance.

Make Dad feel pampered

Dads who look after everyone else often don't take the time to pamper themselves, but Father's Day is a chance to remind them that they're important too.

Even if they don't have much time in the mornings, there should be enough time to wash their face with our Hemp & Walnut Soap Bar, which is naturally exfoliating thanks to its organic ingredients, yet lovely and moisturising at the same time.

Hemp oil is also known for its healing properties, so this makes it a brilliant soap to use after a shave to keep the skin looking smooth, and Dad feeling younger! Hemp & Walnut is available as a Soap Brick too, providing 14 times the soap, but at the same cost as just ten bars.

If Dad's a pet lover

Whether your dad is more of a cat or a dog man, all pets can get a little smelly from time to time, and it can be difficult to know the best course of action to take to cover those unpleasant odours.

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Our Whiff Away Room Spray, which features an odour neutraliser along with notes of bergamot and clary sage, would make a thoughtful Father's Day present for the pet-loving dad, letting him keep his home smelling fresh and inviting for all the family, including any animal members.

Can't see your dad's favourite fragrance in our gift guide? Browse our full collection to find the perfect last-minute present here