Life hacks to help you survive the summer

Life hacks to help you survive the summer

Summer is well under way and we are definitely enjoying the sunnier days, warmer weather and generally happy atmosphere, we have to say that this season is our favourite.

However, summer also brings with it a few challenges that we have to overcome on a daily basis. The heat and humidity can be a problem, while the increase of creepy-crawlies also isn't great. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make summer more bearable.

Here are our great life hacks to get you through the season and ensure you make the most of it:

Put your coffee in the fridge

We all need a bit of a jolt to help us wake up in the morning, but on hot days, a steaming cup of coffee is the last thing you want to drink.

Rather than boiling the kettle when you've gotten out of bed, brew yourself some real coffee the night before and pop it in your fridge. This means you can simply add milk and some ice cubes to create a refreshing drink that will help you feel bright-eyed and bushy-tailed.

If you only drink instant coffee, simply make up a small espresso-sized shot with a mixture of hot and cold water before adding milk and ice for a similar effect.

Buy cooling cosmetics

Summer brings with it a few challenges that we have to overcome on a daily basis

One of the easiest ways to refresh yourself is to have a cooler bath or shower. This can help you feel invigorated and clean on hot and sweaty days. However, there's little point in hopping in a cool shower if you're using products that are warming or cloying, as this can undo the benefits and leave you feeling worse.

This is why it is a good idea to have fresh, citrus scents at the ready during summer, as these will help to clear your head and leave your skin feeling clean. Our Green Tea and Grapefruit Body Wash is the ideal choice and is sure to help you feel more yourself when the temperatures get too high. 

Keep away the bugs

If one of your biggest bug bears during summer is all the insects, you're probably looking for ways to stop them spoiling your picnic.

When you're relaxing outside with an iced drink, you can easily avoid finding a creepy-crawly in it by using a cupcake case to cover the top. Simply add a straw to your glass and put the end through a paper cake case. Bring the case down to cover the drink and enjoy!

Of course, you can also drive insects away from your garden by using our Citronella Candle, which releases a lovely citrus scent and stops bugs being a problem.

Revamp your wardrobe

Make it easier to dress for the summer weather by reorganising your wardrobe. You're not going to need any thick jumpers or gloves for a while, so put these things at the back of your wardrobe or in the bottom drawer of your dresser.

Make sure all your summer clothes are easy to access so you have no trouble dressing for the weather. Going through your wardrobe now will also let you see if you need more of anything for the season, which will help you avoid having to overdress for the weather because you've nothing to wear.

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