Little touches to complete your BBQ

Little touches to complete your BBQ

Now that July is here, we should hopefully see some good weather over the coming weeks. Not only does this mean spending more time outside in the sun, it's also the perfect excuse to get your barbecue out of the shed and invite some friends and family over.
While having good burgers, sausages and sides ready to go will help to make your summer barbecue a success, there are a few other things you can do to ensure it is as good as possible. You may not be able to keep the rain at bay, but you can follow our quick tips:

Don't forget the shade

Sitting out in the sun is lovely, but it can get a bit uncomfortable so make sure you offer guests a place to sit in the shade too. If you don't have an area to create some seating in the shade, make sure you have some parasols to hand.

Keep the bugs away

There's nothing worse than creepy crawlies getting in your drink or buzzing around you. Be sure to keep them at bay by lighting one or two of our beautiful Citronella Outdoor Candles. Not only will these keep the bugs away, they release a beautiful citrus smell too.

Stock up on ice

Summer is the perfect excuse for a barbecue

Drinks can never be too cold when the sun is high, so make sure you have plenty of ice at the ready. You could even put out some ice buckets for bottles and a cooler for other drinks so people don't need to traipse inside every time they want a drink.

Avoid sticky hands

Barbecues are always a recipe for sticky hands - after all, not using cutlery is part of the fun. However, no one likes having dirty hands and you definitely don't want greasy fingerprints around your house! Ensure everyone can easily and thoroughly wash their hands by having some Traditional Soap at the ready.

Be ready for sunset

Don't want the party to end? Keep everyone comfortable and ensure they can enjoy the summer evening by having blankets ready to go when the sun goes down. You can also add some lighting with some pretty solar lights or a few of our scented candles, which will fill your garden with a beautiful glow.

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