Make a house a home: Great ways to style any room

Make a house a home: Great ways to style any room

When it comes to making your home feel comfortable and personal, it is all about the finishing touches. While things like furniture and the colour of your walls will largely influence the feel of your house, it is the small things that really help to complete your design.

This doesn't mean you need to shell out on an expensive interior designer, as it isn't actually that hard to add personal touches that work well with the space. In fact, you can use the same rules to complete most rooms in your home, making the job much easier.

Here are our top tips for styling any room and making it look great:

Hang family photos

One of the simplest ways to add personality to a room is to hang photos of your friends and family. This is reasonably easy to do as you just need frames and picture hooks - although you should make sure there are no water pipes, gas lines or wires in the wall you're hanging them on.

You can hang your frames in straight lines, in a pattern or create a full photo wall by mixing and matching different sized frames. The way you hang your photos should be influenced by the rest of the room so see what you think feels right. 

If you don't want to hang photos, paintings, prints or framed posters can also be lovely touches and could allow you to display some of your favourite art.

Include soft furnishings

It is surprising how much of a difference a throw or some cushions can make to a room. Not only are they practical additions, they can make beds, chairs and sofas look more comfortable and enticing.

Making home feel comfortable and personal is all about the finishing touches

You can also use soft furnishings to create a colour theme - this is a handy trick if you rent - or introduce a pattern. This means you can change your design as often as you like simply by swapping out your cushions, throws and curtains. 

Soft furnishings also help you hide furniture that may have seen better days, keeping your room looking clean and lovely without the cost of a new sofa.

Fragrant elements

Not only do home fragrance products keep your house smelling sweet, they can also add to the style of a room. You can use candles to create balance on coffee tables, bookcases or mantelpieces without detracting from the rest of your design. 

Reed diffusers can fill odd spaces that you don't know what to do with, scenting a room at all times while also serving as an understated design element.

Our Candles in Glasses and glass Reed Diffusers are lovely choices for dressing up a room, as they feature classic designs that will go with absolutely any decor.

Stack the shelves

If you think that a room has too much empty space or you have shelves to fill, avoid making things look cluttered by opting to display books instead of ornaments. Not only are books a more practical option as they are easier to clean around than lots of knick knacks, they also add a real homey feel to any space.

You can show off which books you like to read, adding a personal touch to a room, or display those with beautiful covers that tie in with the overall design. Don't worry too much about keeping them all in the same place at all times, as books are meant to be read so will move around.

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