Make a house a home with our new Gift Sets

Make a house a home with our new Gift Sets

Choosing just one item from our Home range can be a bit of a challenge. Whether you’re trying to decide between a sumptuous Candle or an enlivening Reed Diffuser to celebrate a friend’s new house, or mulling over the idea of a Room Mist for yourself, it’s a tough decision.

As always, here at Heyland & Whittle we like to make your life easier, so we’ve put all three of these tempting items into one handy Gift Set. That means you get a mini version of all three, allowing you to spread your favourite fragrance throughout the house with ease.

A house is not a home without the right scent

Photo credit: Unsplash/Philipp Berndt

Of course, you’ll still need to decide whether you’re going to fill your home with the scent of Sweet Pea & Rose, White Dahlia or Earl Grey. We couldn’t take all the choice away after all! Perhaps you have a friend who has been finding it hard to drop off at night who will appreciate the Sleep Easy Gift Set?

Here at Heyland & Whittle we’ve made choosing our most well-loved products easier by combining miniature versions into Handy Gift Sets. You’re welcome!

This beautifully packaged kit is all you need to prepare yourself for the land of nod. Place your Reed Diffuser in the area of your home where you like to relax in the evening for the suggestion of lavender to drift into your nostrils. Then enjoy a warm bath accompanied by your Votive Candle. Finally, a spritz of Room Mist in your bedroom will complete the night time prep.

There’s something undeniably celebratory about our Clementine & Prosecco fragrance. Every time you catch a whiff of it you want to do a little bit of a happy dance and what could be better than gifting that feeling to a friend? Whether they’ve just got engaged, welcomed a new baby or are celebrating a landmark birthday, we think they’ll appreciate this little box of happiness.

Celebrate in style with Clementine & Prosecco

Photo credit: Unsplash/Sylvie

Our Gift Sets are also a great introduction to some of our most well-loved products. We’ve heard from customers who haven’t felt quite right in their new homes until they’ve set up their Reed Diffuser or lit a Heyland & Whittle Candle. Getting the scent right really sets the atmosphere and allows you to relax.

The mini versions in these Gift Sets will help you to see what all the fuss is about and you may want to go on and purchase full-size editions of our products. We also can’t guarantee you won’t be tempted to pop something else in your basket while buying a Gift Set, but we understand that you are only human after all.

Pick up a Gift Set for yourself or a friend here.