Make your home healthier this new year

Make your home healthier this new year

We all want to be as healthy as possible and this month, you may be thinking about ways that you can start 2017 in order to achieve this goal. While many of us will be making resolutions to get fit, healthy or lose weight, we forget about the impact our home can have on our health.

Things in your home can impact the health of your family, even if you don't necessarily realise it. Luckily, there are simple ways that you can make your home healthier, which could help out with your spring clean in a few months time.

Here's what you should do to make your home as healthy an environment as it can be:

Dust everything regularly

Dust doesn't just affect any allergies and worsen skin complaints, it also contains a fair few chemicals that can be found in your home. Even though chemicals may be in things like your cleaning solutions, they mix with more things and then spread throughout your home in dust so it is a good idea to keep it under control.

As well as dusting all surfaces, make sure you clean soft furnishings and vacuum your carpets regularly to help keep dust at bay. Deep cleaning furniture and carpets a few times a year can also help to cut down on dust, as well as replacing pillows and duvets when they need to be.

Use the right candles

You may not think about the impact that lighting your favourite scented candle has on your home, but if you're not using the right type of candle, it can affect your health. The type of wax, wick, colouring and fragrance used in candles can all affect your home and health, as they can release potentially harmful chemicals, even when they aren't lit.

We forget about the impact our home can have on our health

Natural vegetable-based candles, such as ours that are made out of 100 per cent soy, don't release chemicals that other candles do. We also don't add chemical colourings to our candles and use beautiful fragrances derived from essential oils, making them as safe and effective as possible. This means it is a good idea to swap cheaper, chemical-laden options for our handmade candles

Clean out your kitchen

It isn't just chemicals in your home that can impact your health, having things around that can lead to unhealthy behaviours. This is why it is a good idea to clean out your kitchen and get rid of any sugary or fatty foods that might have you falling into bad habits.

While it's okay to have a treat every now and then, if you have unhealthy foods at the ready in your kitchen, it's likely that occasionally might become a more regular thing. Whether you're trying to stick to a set diet or not, cutting down on the unhealthy foods in your kitchen will help improve the overall health of your home. 

Get some houseplants

While opening a window can help let fresh air in, you don't want to leave them open throughout your house when it's cold outside. Rather than living in a stuffy home, get yourself some houseplants, which will help to purify the air and make your home much fresher.

You'll be surprised at the difference that a few houseplants can make to your home, especially as they can become a part of the design of a room. Just make sure you look after them by ensuring they get plenty of light and water, which will make sure they keep purifying the air for longer.

Avoid aerosols

If you need to fragrance your home, it can be second nature to reach for an aerosol air freshener for a quick burst of fragrance. However, these can contain potentially harmful chemicals that end up spreading around your house, building up in dust and coating your furniture. 

This year, get rid of your aerosol air fresheners and switch to reed diffusers instead. These offer continuous fragrance in a much safer way, with the scented liquid evaporating in the air. All you need to do is turn the reeds over regularly to improve the fragrance throw and have a refill at the ready to keep your diffuser going.

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