Make your home warmer without the high heating bill

Make your home warmer without the high heating bill

As we've gotten further into October, the weather has started to get a lot colder. As the cold really starts to set in, it can be tempting to pop on your heating for extended periods of time. While this might keep your home more comfortable, it can really hurt your wallet.

Rather than simply turning your heating up and leaving it on for longer periods of time, you should ensure you've taken steps to keep your home as warm and cosy as possible. Not only will this keep you nice and comfortable this winter, it will also save you money.

Here are some of the best and easiest ways to keep your home warm this winter:

Pull the curtains

A large amount of heat is lost through your windows, especially when it is getting dark outside. This means that having your curtains open into the evening can mean that the temperature in your home stays on the chilly side, even if your heating is on.

To stop this, make sure your draw your curtains once the day starts getting dark, as this will help to protect against heat loss. You may also want to invest in a heavy set of winter curtains, as the thicker fabric will offer greater insulation. 

Alternatively, if you have a spare set of curtains, just hang them behind your usual set and then taken them down once spring arrives. 

Close your doors

If you have a habit of leaving doors open in your home, you'll find that rooms are harder to heat as air travels all around the house. Now is a good time to get into the habit of closing doors behind you when moving to a different room.

Keep your home warm and cosy this winter without spending a fortune

This will help to keep the heat in, meaning you can get away with just heating the rooms you are spending most of your time, such as the lounge and bedroom. This will keep you nice and cosy while cutting down on costs.

Get some draught excluders

You may think that draught excluders are a bit old fashioned, but they are great when it comes to stopping cold draughts from making their way into your home.

It is a good idea to use these at the bottom of exterior doors to stop the chill from finding its way in. However, you can also use them on interior doors or where there are gaps between your skirting and floor if you find that cold air comes in via these places.

Put down a rug

Wooden or laminate floors can also make warmth disappear from your home, as well as be uncomfortable to walk on in bare feet over the winter period. It is a good idea to invest in a large rug to cover your floors during the next few months.

Not only will this allow you to keep the rooms you use most nice and toasty, it also means you can add another decorative element to your home. 

Light some candles

While candles don't give off a lot of heat, they do add some to your room. However, the main benefit to candles is that they create a soft light and a homey feel, which can instantly make the cold winter nights seem more comfortable.

Choosing a warm scent for the season can further add to the effect and help you feel comfortable and happy when it's cold outside. We recommend our beautiful Orange Spice range, which is the perfect scent for winter as it is warm and has spicy notes.

Hopefully by using all these tips, your home will stay warm without affecting your bank account.