Match the atmosphere to the candle

Match the atmosphere to the candle

Now that we're in October, you'll be able to enjoy more candlelit evenings as the nights draw in a bit earlier. But it isn't enough to simply light a few candles, you need to match their fragrance to the atmosphere you want to create.

While candlelight always produces a great atmosphere, whether you want romance, a party or a cosy night in, you can take it further by using the right kind of scent. Fragrance is a big part of creating a specific mood, so make sure you have the right candle in your collection for your night in.

To help you produce the right atmosphere, here are some of the best fragrances you can use:

Romantic nights in

Whether you're starting a new relationship or have been together for years, a romantic night in can be one of the best date options. Combining candlelight with a glass of wine, a good meal or even just a great film that you can watch while cuddled up on the sofa is a lovely way to spend an evening.

To help the mood of the night even more, try lighting one of our Rose candles from the Home range. The beautifully floral fragrance is the epitome of romance, helping you both to feel like you're relaxing in a rose garden or that your room is full of fresh-cut red roses.

There's a reason roses are the flower of love, so make the most of our hand-poured candles when you want to make things a bit more romantic.

Bubbly dinner parties

Make sure you have the right candle in your collection for your night in

Dinner parties are all about fun, food and sparkling conversation. Whether you can cook well or you simply want an excuse to get everyone gathered in one place, you definitely want to keep the atmosphere quite light and entertaining.

There's one candle that can help you do this. Our Clementine and Prosecco fragrance is the perfect choice for helping to create a fun atmosphere. It features sweet and citrus notes combined with wine to result in an iconic scent that is sure to get people talking. 

If your dinner party is going to be held in a couple of different rooms, you can also use a reed diffuser to ensure the fragrance fills the entire space. 

Warm and cosy

Now that the weather is likely to be getting colder and wetter, warm and cosy nights in are going to start looking a lot more enticing than going out. Whether you're relaxing on your own, with a partner or with the whole family, you can't really beat warm blankets, something entertaining on the TV and mugs of hot chocolate.

While all of this sounds perfect to us, you can up the cosy factor with the right scent. Something like our Orange Spice Candle is going to help make your home feel even warmer while the weather is raging outside.

The classic combination of sweet and zesty orange with nutmeg, clove and cinnamon is the perfect option for autumn and winter and is sure to help you feel happy and comfortable on a night in.

To find the perfect candle for your atmosphere, shop our full range here