Match your mum to the perfect Mother’s Day gift

Match your mum to the perfect Mother’s Day gift

All mums are different and yours is particularly special, so on March 22nd it’s important to get the right gift for her. Luckily, here at Heyland & Whittle we have an extensive range, which means we have just the right thing to suit all types of mums and give her the treat she deserves this Mother’s Day.

Simply look for the description below that best suits your mum and get that gift spot on.

Mum who likes to entertain

Is your mum the kind of mum that always has a bottle of fizz in the fridge in case someone pops by unexpectedly? She likes to know that she’s got a full table to cater for at dinnertime and has no shortage of small talk to get everyone feeling at ease. If that sounds like your mother, then the Clementine and Prosecco Reed Diffuser is just what she needs. The delicious fragrance will match her sparkling personality and make sure that the room she most likes to entertain in is smelling fresh and ready to receive guests at all times.

Mum's to do list

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Organised mum

Mother’s Day will arrive on March 22nd, so be sure to treat your mum with a tempting gift from Heyland & Whittle.

If your mum is the organised type, then she’s likely to want the scents in her home to be in perfect harmony. This is now easier than ever after we launched a selection of Gift Sets in 2019 that contain a Votive Candle, mini Diffuser and little bottle of Room Mist. All packaged together into a lovely set, these have been proven to be the perfect gift time and again since we added them to our range. The Earl Grey Gift Set offers a delicate fragrance with citrus notes that will delight mum’s senses this Mother’s Day.

Overworked mother

Being overworked often comes with the territory for modern mums, so it’s really important to remind her to take some time for herself. We may be biased, but we think there are not many things better than a hot bath for that and every relaxing soak needs some bubbles. Gift her a tempting bottle of Neroli and Rose Luxury Foam Bath and let her close the door on all the tasks on her to do list. She’ll emerge from the bathroom feeling and smelling like a new woman with the aroma of sweet orange blossom and heady rose.

Mum baking

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Kitchen whizz mum

There’s a reason why the idea of food cooked by your mum is so powerful - it’s the taste of home, childhood memories and security. While you may be desperate to get your hands on your mother’s cooking, she probably doesn’t want her whole house to smell like spaghetti bolognese or last night’s garlic-laden creation. Our Chef’s Friend Candle in a Tin has been expertly formulated to rid the air of any cooking smells, leaving behind just the pleasant whiff of lemongrass and lime.

Mother to a newborn baby

Any mother to a newborn baby will tell you that they would really love the gift of sleep for their first Mother’s Day. While none of us are miracle workers, the Sleep Easy Gift Set is the closest you’ll get to a sleep magic wand. Our slumber-inducing secret recipe contains lavender, which has been helping people drift off for centuries. The tired mum in your life will be spritzing the Room Mist with glee, enjoying the ambiance of the Votive Candle and falling asleep in a room gently fragranced with the Reed Diffuser before you know it.

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