Our Classic range celebrates its 10th birthday

Our Classic range celebrates its 10th birthday

There are few better ways to celebrate a special occasion than with one or two indulgent treats. At Heyland & Whittle, this year marks the tenth birthday of our iconic Classic collection - and we'd like to celebrate by shining a light on the stunning soy candles, reed diffusers, washes and lotions that make up the cornerstones of this range.

10 years of perfection

Our Classic range was launched in 2006, just three years after the Heyland & Whittle brand was created. This is a very special range for us, because in many ways it is where we really found our feet - our ethos for handmade, quality, natural products was poured into this range, and our cream packaging with its black lines was born. 

This collection includes diffusers, soy candles, washes and lotions, and has been extended to include natural handmade soaps, enriched with essential oils, spices and herbs. While the range has expanded from its beginnings, it's actually changed very little.

How has the Classic range changed?

It's common for soap and fragrance products to change dramatically over the years - even within individual lines. However, ten years on from its creation, our Classic collection has barely changed at all. Over this time, we have expanded the range a little and added more sumptuous fragrances for you to enjoy - but you'll find the ingredients of our candles, diffusers, washes and lotions are largely the same as the day they were launched.

Our Classic range was launched in 2006, just three years after H&W was created

That's because we take great care with the selection of our ingredients, using only the finest choices to produce indulgent products for the home and body. The result has been an exceptional capsule range of fragrances and treats that - we believe - cannot be improved upon.

Stars of the Classic range

An integral part of the Classic range, our soy candles are exceptional - if we do say so ourselves - thanks to their combination of highest quality ingredients and a handmade finish. Our completely natural soy wax is free of herbicides, pesticides and other unwanted material, making it 100% natural. What's more, soy wax burns better than other kinds, creating better value for money. 

Our Classic range provides a host of tempting fragrances to choose from, meaning this collection's candles are not only beautifully finishes, but smell divine. We use essential oils to create fragrances that are natural and delicate. Among our bestselling fragrances are cherry blossom, wild lemongrass, citrus and lavender, and jasmine and lilac - but there are many more heady scents to choose from in our Classic range candles. Plus, they come beautifully presented in a glass or tin - something that means they look as good as they smell.

Keen to help your home smell amazing throughout the day, but without having to have a flame burning? Our Classic collection's reed diffusers are the perfect solution. These glass bottles filled with seductive scents come with eight natural reeds, which will keep your home smelling wonderful. Scents in the Classic range include clementine and prosecco, green tea and grapefruit, olive and fig, and many more.

If you're hoping to pamper your body as well as your home, try our washes and lotions. Made with natural, skin-loving ingredients, this part of the Classic collection is the ideal way to treat yourself and keep your skin healthy.

Keen to try our Classic range for yourself? Discover the Classic range here.