Perfect scents for late summer

Perfect scents for late summer

August may almost be over, but we are refusing to give up on summer altogether, especially as September could bring some last rays of sunshine and brilliant days. Even if the weather isn't playing ball and helping you enjoy the end of the season, you can still create a summery feel in your home.

Certain scents help to conjure up ideas of summer, which is a great way to keep enjoying the season even as autumn arrives. So what scents are great for making the most of the last few weeks of summer?

Cherry Blossom

What better scent to enjoy in late summer than our fragrance of the month for August? Our Cherry Blossom range features one of our newest scents that has become a firm favourite and great addition to our classics range.

The subtle floral fragrance features a sweet blend of oriental-inspired cherry blossom with notes of vanilla. It also has a lovely amber overtone, which warms the scent while still keeping it lovely and light.

Available in candles and reed diffusers, you'll be able to fragrance your home with an unusual but beautiful floral scent. We definitely think this is the ideal fragrance for late summer.

Earl Grey

There's not much that reminds us of summer more than a classic cream tea in the garden, which you can't really have without a good cup of Earl Grey tea. This is why our Earl Grey Home range is a lovely option for late summer.

Certain scents help to conjure up ideas of summer, which is a great way to keep enjoying the season even as autumn arrives

Rather than a super strong tea scent, our Earl Grey candles and reed diffusers have a delicate and warm tea note that is perfectly complemented by citrus scents that will really make you think of a perfectly blended mug of tea complete with a slice of lemon.

You'll get to enjoy the striking citrus notes first before they gently give way to the soft scents of Earl Grey in a perfect teaming. 

Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper

If summer for you is all about tropical paradise holidays and the smell of suncream, our Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper range is going to be perfect for you. This beautiful scent has sweet yet spicy notes that are ideal if you want to close your eyes and imagine you're lying on a white sand beach somewhere.

It is the perfect combination of three great fragrances, with the vanilla adding sweetness to the fresh coconut, while the black pepper adds a complementary kick that stops the scent from being too sickly, as other coconut smells can be.

As well as candles and reed diffusers, you can enjoy this fragrance in soap, body wash, hand wash and two different lotions, allowing you to take summer with you wherever you go, as well as dream about it while at home.

Which fragrance helps you to think of summer? You can find your perfect combination here.