Plan the best autumn night in

Plan the best autumn night in

Autumn is the season for nights in and hiding from the cold and wet weather. As we finally say goodbye to the last days of late summer, you should be ready for spending some extra time inside.

There are plenty of ways you can make the most of a night in this autumn, ensuring that staying at home doesn't have to mean boredom. Here are some great ideas for nights at home that could be fun to plan for the whole family:

Themed movies

Everyone loves a good movie so why not enjoy early autumn evenings by turning your living room into a cinema? Choose a theme each month and allow different members of the family to pick a film that matches it, giving you one film a week. Alternatively, put the films in a hat and let someone pull one out.

Once you have your movie chosen, pop the popcorn, pour the drinks and dim the lights. Make it a no phone or laptop area too so as to really mimic the cinema.

Games night

Autumn is the season for nights in and hiding from the cold and wet weather

While a night in front of the TV can be entertaining, you don't want to spend every evening like this. Try bringing back family games nights so you can all gather round a board game and have a bit of fun. 

There are lots of games to choose from so you're sure to find something to entertain everyone. Maybe steer clear of Monopoly though so as not to get too competitive!


If you have young children, a night reading stories could be the perfect option. Pick some of their favourites, get ready to do your best voices and just enjoy reading together. You could even create a den for you all to sit in.

For older children, why not create a family book club? You can all read the same book and discuss it or each share what you've been reading - while enjoying some tasty treats of course. This is a brilliant way to get everyone reading more and to spend time with loved ones.

Candlelit evenings

Of course, you could all just relax with a few candles burning to create a great atmosphere. No matter what you're getting up to each evening this autumn, candles add a soft glow and beautiful fragrance to your home that can help you all unwind.

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