Remember remember the fifth of November: Plan your Bonfire Night

Remember remember the fifth of November: Plan your Bonfire Night

It may be Halloween today, but another autumn celebration is happening in just a few days. Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night takes place on November 5th, with fireworks and sparklers marking the occasion.

While the last thing you might want to do is go outside on a chilly November night, the evening is a lot of fun and generally has a good atmosphere. Whether you're planning on heading to a local firework display, popping somewhere to enjoy the roar of a bonfire or just getting cosy in blankets in your own garden, there are lots of ways to enjoy November 5th.

However, it does pay to be prepared for the event, as it is bound to be cold and could very well be wet. Not being ready for these eventualities could mean you end up fairly uncomfortable and could wake up the next day with the sniffles.

Be ready for bonfire night with these top tips:

Wrap up warm

This almost goes without saying, but you should definitely layer up before heading out to watch the fireworks. Temperatures will drop as the evening goes on, meaning you'll probably be left shivering even if you're fairly close to the bonfire.

Make sure you layer up even before you've put your coat on and that you have a hat, scarf and gloves at the ready. If you're planning on sitting down anywhere while you're outside, take a couple of blankets too. Put one on the seat and one over your legs to really get cosy.

Pack a thermos

While you may be wrapped up as much as possible, you may still feel a bit chilly. This is why it is also a good idea to have a thermos to hand. Make up your favourite hot drink before leaving - we're partial to a hot chocolate or two - and mugs for everyone going.

Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night takes place on November 5th

Then you can enjoy a steaming cup of something tasty while watching the fireworks. You could even make a kids' flask and a separate adults one if you want to add a cheeky tipple to your drink.

Take some sparklers

What would Bonfire Night be without some sparklers? Big and little kids alike are sure to enjoy making patterns in the air with different coloured sparklers, so be sure to take some along.

Just remember to be extra careful when using them. You should always wear gloves, give yourself plenty of room and have somewhere safe to dispose of the hot sticks once the sparklers are finished. If children are using them, make sure they are carefully supervised by adults.

Keep the creepy crawlies away

If you're watching the fireworks from your garden, you might want to take measures to ensure you don't get any insects in your hot chocolate. Even when the sun starts to go down, you still have to put up with creepy crawlies.

Keep them away with one of several of our outdoor candles, which have a lovely citronella fragrance. The thicker wicks mean they'll stay lit outside and will add a lovely soft glow to your garden that won't detract from the show.

Warm up back home

Once you get back home, you'll definitely need a bit of warming up. Make sure your heating is set for just before you're planning to get home to ensure your house is nice and toasty, and pop the kettle on when you get in the door.

If you struggle to warm up, you may want to run yourself a bath so you can enjoy a good soak to help you chase off the last of the chill. Pop in some of our luxurious foam bath for bubbly, fragranced water and just let the hot bath get your circulation going.

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