Resolutions to make for your home this New Year

Resolutions to make for your home this New Year

In a couple of days it will be a whole new year, which means you're probably thinking about what resolutions you're going to make. We all tend to consider resolutions related to health, work, money or travel, with the focus being on ourselves. However, the new year is also the perfect opportunity to make resolutions for your home.

Not only do these resolutions tend to be easier to stick to, they won't leave you with a gym membership that you fail to use after the first three months. Thinking about what you can do to your home in the new year means you'll have a plan in place for doing all those things you've never quite gotten around to. 

If you think that resolutions for your home could be the way forward in 2017, here are a few you might want to consider:

Have a drastic clear out

Most of us probably have a clear out and declutter every now and then, but the chances are you don't get as thorough as you could. A lot of the time we give up when things look a bit tidier and so never get around to throwing out everything that isn't needed.

Change that this year by making it your resolution to totally declutter your home. Start with one room and totally go through it with a fine-tooth comb to get rid of anything you don't need any more. Once this one is done, move onto the next room, then the next and the next.

Before you know it, your house will be tidy and completely sorted with no rubbish or clutter in sight.

Freshen up your decorating

How many times have you looked at a room in your home and thought about how you could decorate differently? We tend to put off decorating as it can be quite time-consuming, which ultimately means we never get around to doing it.

New year is the perfect opportunity to make resolutions for your home

Change that by buying everything you need and making a start. Whether you do a full overhaul or just add another coat of paint, your home will look and feel better for the coming year. You may even find that you have time to do the whole house, especially if you've also gotten rid of clutter to make it easier.

Embrace the cosiness

Too often we don't end up buying something we want for our home because we convince ourselves we can't afford it or it isn't a necessity. However, your house is where you spend a lot of your time, so you should be comfortable in it.

Your home should also represent who you are, which means picking up those things you want to make it look great or to create the right atmosphere. Add a candle to your mantelpiece or introduce a reed diffuser to every room to enjoy your favourite fragrances. Scatter those cushions around and line up the nicknacks you like on the bookshelf.

Make your home look and feel just as you want it to and treat yourself in the process.

Have people over

How many times have you thought about inviting people over for dinner but not gone through with it because you'd have to sort loads of things out in your house first? Whether you've got a half decorated dining room, too much stuff everywhere or you just feel like your house is cramped, we're great at coming up with excuses.

This new year, change things by addressing the areas of your home you don't like and throwing a party or having people over when it's all done. Allow yourself to be the host and show off all your hard work.

What new year's resolutions are you going to make for your home in 2017?

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