Resolutions you can actually stick to in 2017

Resolutions you can actually stick to in 2017

This is the month for resolutions, but how many times have you made some that you don't manage to stick to? We can promise to eat healthily, run six miles a day or make it to the gym regularly, but these are much easier said than done.

They also aren't the most important resolutions to make, as sometimes simply taking some time to yourself or doing something you love as often as possible is needed a lot more than a diet of salad.

With this in mind, we've got some ideas for your New Year resolutions that you'll find easier to stick with and probably a lot more fun:

Have a relaxing bath every week

Baths offer so many benefits, from helping you to relax to clearing your mind, which means promising to have more of them during 2017 could be a good idea. A bath a week will help you be better able to cope with stress, as well as being the perfect excuse for getting some time to yourself.

Make the most of a weekly bath by turning it into a proper pamper with our bath melts or foam bath, both of which create wonderfully fragranced and softening water. Team these with a candle and you'll wonder why you didn't make more baths your resolution last year.

Treat yourself to something

We can't always spoil ourselves as much as we deserve and often spend a lot of time treating others to things. However, everyone deserves to get themselves something every now and then, so why not make it your resolution to pop something in your basket for you each month? 

How many times have you made resolutions you don't stick to?

You don't need to spend a fortune each time you want to spoil yourself, but a little something can put a smile on your face and make you happy, which is the most important thing. Why not pick out your favourite candle or try a different traditional soap when you think you deserve a little treat?

Go somewhere new

Whether you want to hop on a plane to explore a different country or simply drive up the road to a restaurant you've not eaten at before, exploring somewhere new is a great use of your spare time. You can tick off the list of places you've never had a chance to visit and do something more with your weekends and holiday days.

Decide on a few different places you want to go and head off when you get the chance, you're sure to thank us for this idea.

Transform your home

Too often our homes get forgotten about when we're making resolutions, which is a shame as they are such an important part of everyday life. While we try our best to keep up with housework, things like decorating, home fragrance and making rooms as cosy as can be get put on the back burner.

This year, make your home part of your resolutions and get those jobs done that you've been thinking about for ages - no matter how big or small they are. If you want some ideas when it comes to resolutions for your home, have a read of our blog here.

Enjoy yourself

One of the biggest things you should remember is just to enjoy yourself this year. There are so many ways you can do this, but too few of us remember to do things we love. Rather than making resolutions that are all about denying yourself things you like - such as chocolate - or having to do something you don't really want to - like going to the gym - make this year's more fun. 

Whatever you enjoy and however you like to spend your time, put work, cleaning and all the serious stuff aside more often and just do what you find fun.

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