Room-by-room spring cleaning guide

Room-by-room spring cleaning guide

Spring cleaning can be incredibly refreshing, for both you and your home. After months of keeping the windows closed and doing your best to ignore those cobwebs in the corner, letting some fresh air in and giving the house a good going over from top to bottom can leave you feeling so much better and your home looking so much more beautiful.

Tackling the whole house in one go can seem a bit of a daunting prospect, but breaking the task into smaller chunks and going at your home room by room can make it seem a little easier.

A spring clean is also a perfect opportunity to reassess your home fragrance to make sure your home is left smelling beautifully fresh and inviting.

Blitz your living room

If you spend most of your time in your living room, it's likely that the main problem in here will be clutter. Having a good tidy-up, getting rid of anything you don't really need and putting everything back in its proper place will immediately help your lounge to look better.

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Next, remove cobwebs from corners using something with a long handle like a mop or a broom. Vacuum up the remnants, and then get to work on the floor, giving it a thorough vacuum or sweep, or maybe even a mix of both if you have wooden flooring. Move all of the furniture out of the way to make sure you're getting up every last speck of the dust that's been sitting underneath your sofa and chairs since your last spring clean.

Take the time to reposition any throws or cushions you have to make the room appear extra neat and place some fresh flowers in vases around the room to bring a little of the new season indoors. One of our spring flower-scented Reed Diffusers, such as Cherry Blossom or Wild Lemongrass will also help to bring some of the season's gorgeous fragrances inside, making the room feel even more clean and refreshed.

Tackle the kitchen

Make sure your home is left smelling beautifully fresh and inviting

The kitchen can be a little more challenging to tackle; as it's needed to prepare and cook three meals a day, every day, it can seem like it's messed up again as soon as you've finished cleaning. However, you should use your spring cleaning to really scrub the floors, worktops, table and chairs and even the sink as thoroughly as possible.

Sweep and mop the floor, disinfect your work surfaces and remember that many of the items in your kitchen cupboards themselves (which you should also clean out at least once a year) can actually be used as cleaning products.

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Lemon juice, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda all have many uses in household cleaning. For example, combining lemon juice and bicarbonate of soda can make a naturally abrasive but neutral-smelling paste that is able to remove stains and bits of burnt-on food.

When you're done spring cleaning your kitchen, make sure you've got our Chef's Friend Reed Diffuser on your windowsill; with its springy lemongrass and lime fragrance combined with an odour neutraliser, it's specially designed to mask lingering cooking (and burning) smells.

Polish the bathroom

The bathroom is many people's least favourite room to clean. From unclogging hair from the plug hole to scrubbing the toilet, it's not much fun, but it needs to be done. Of course, you'll already be performing these tasks regularly anyway, but while you're spring cleaning, make sure you give the bathroom floor a good scrub, remove limescale from anywhere that needs it and get rid of all of those half-empty bottles of shower gel and shampoo.

Replace them with one of our handmade Soap Bricks, which will last you so much longer than your usual shower gel, and its gorgeous scent will keep your bathroom smelling beautiful. For a little extra help in this department, placing our Pongone Reed Diffuser next to the sink will ensure the room is filled with a gorgeous floral rose and peony fragrance, even when you've run out of your favourite soap.

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