Sandalwood & Oud: The perfect autumnal fragrance

Sandalwood & Oud: The perfect autumnal fragrance

Parks are filled with golden and amber hues, there's a crunch of leaves underfoot, the winter coat has come out and the central heating is being turned on - it's official, autumn has well and truly arrived.

It's the season of pumpkin spiced lattes, of nights in with a blanket, good book and woolly socks and of getting wrapped up in as many layers as possible to enjoy the crisp air.

For many people, autumn is their favourite time of year and the season that brings about some of the best smells. From crackling bonfires to steaming sweet hot chocolate and from spicy stews to freshly-baked parkin, autumn is a sensual delight of fragrance.

This makes the woody and exotic notes of our Sandalwood & Oud Reed Diffuser absolutely ideal for autumn.

Sandalwood has an incredibly warm and exotic aroma

Sandalwood has an incredibly warm and exotic aroma, which makes this a beautifully comforting addition to your home, creating a cosy and inviting atmosphere that perfectly complements a night in curled up in front of the TV.

This is balanced with the sweet but woody scent of oud, bringing a hint of the smell of Bonfire Night and those crisp autumn walks indoors to fill your home with the beauty of the season.

The fragrance, which is also available as Sandalwood & Oud Candles, features a hint of rose as well. Together, these scents evoke the spirit of the east wonderfully.

If you want your home to smell like autumn all year round, make sure you have a refill for your reed diffuser to hand, so you can conjure up the fragrance of the season whenever you begin to miss it.

Sandalwood & Oud is just one of our fragrances inspired by the east - check out our full range of scents here