Scents to suit your favourite Halloween characters

Scents to suit your favourite Halloween characters

Have you ever thought about what it would smell like if you pushed open the bedroom door at 0001 Cemetery Lane? That’s the address occupied by the Addams Family, if you were wondering.

Well, here at Heyland and Whittle we’ve been getting into the Halloween spirit thinking about the scents that would be favoured by some of our most beloved spooky characters. We’re quite sure that Morticia would be partial to Neroli and Rose. What do you think?

Morticia Addams - Neroli and Rose

Morticia Addams would have a floral scent, we’re sure of it. After all, she’s often depicted singing about her garden in low-keyed rhapsodies throughout the cartoon, TV series and films. Since Heyland and Whittle doesn’t stock a range containing deadly nightshade or hebane, we think Neroli and Rose would be her scent of choice.

Mrs Addams is often seen cutting the heads off the roses, which she is said to throw away, but perhaps she secretly stashes them as her guilty pleasure. Coupled with the spicy notes of the neroli oil, which comes from the bitter orange tree, this is certainly her signature scent. It’s intoxicating in just the way that Morticia is to her husband Gomez.

Mrs Lovett - Chef’s Friend

If anyone is in need of the Chef’s Friend range then it is surely Mrs Lovett. Perhaps Sweeney Todd’s accomplice lights the tangy lemongrass and lime Candle before starting on a batch of her famous pies, or maybe she can be seen liberally spritzing the Room Spray around once she’s taken them out of the oven?

Professor McGonagall - Oatmeal and Spice


Photo credit: iStock/nikamata

Here at Heyland and Whittle we’ve been getting into the Halloween spirit thinking about the scents that would be favoured by some of our most beloved spooky characters

Minerva McGonagall is proud of her Scottish heritage, choosing tartan for everything from her dressing gown to her dress robes and nothing is more Scottish than oatmeal. This soothing ingredient reflects the head of Gryffindor house’s steadfast nature as someone who can be depended upon.

Harry Potter fans will know that Professor McGonagall has the ability to surprise everyone too. She giggled and blushed, with her hat a little lopsided when Hagrid gave her a kiss on the cheek, showing that a little spice is needed to complement the oatmeal. She strikes us as a Traditional Soap kind of woman, who would approve of the value for money represented in the Brick of Oatmeal and Spice Soap.

Batman - Grime and Punishment

Buying a present for Batman must be a difficult task, but the Grime and Punishment Soap Book is the perfect gift for the caped crusader. After all, he is tasked with cleaning up the mean streets of Gotham City, fighting crime and doling out punishments. We think Alfred probably keeps one of these sets of three natural soap bars to hand to help Batman transform back into the slick Bruce Wayne.

Hilda and Zelda Spellman - Sweet Pea and Rose and Earl Grey

Tea with a slice of lemon

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Sabrina the Teenage Witch’s aunts may be found in the same place, but they’re as different as they come. Hilda is the younger, more fun-loving of the two, making the comforting scent of the Sweet Pea and Rose Candle in a Glass perfect for her warm and bubbly character. Lighting this Candle is like welcoming summer into your home, just as Hilda lights up any room she enters.

Zelda on the other hand, is the mature, brainy and logical aunt, who is delicate and elegant, just like the Earl Grey Candle in a Glass. When Sabrina gets married, Zelda attends the wedding as a candle, so it’s definite this is the Heyland and Whittle gift for her.

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