Select your home fragrance room by room

Select your home fragrance room by room

Finding the perfect home fragrance can be a challenge. With so many gorgeous scents to choose from, it can be hard to narrow it down to just one.

But every room in your house is different and has a very different purpose, so why not select an individual fragrance for each area? You wouldn't want your bathroom to smell like your kitchen, and you might not nod off as easily at night if your bedroom smelt exactly the same as your living room where you spend time doing activities.

Reed diffusers can fill a room beautifully with fragrance, and they look pretty on the dresser or window sill too. These are the Heyland & Whittle scents that we'd recommend for the different rooms in your house:

Living room

You'll want your living room to have a warm and inviting aroma that feels welcoming and cosy. But at the same time, you won't want to go for anything too overwhelming, as this is likely to be the room where you spend the majority of your time. Instead, you need something that's present, but blends into the background.

Our Vetiver & Musk Reed Diffuser is a new addition to our Gold Classic collection and has beautiful exotic notes inspired by Eastern spices that will fill your main living room with a gorgeous fragrance.

If you'd prefer something sweeter and more floral, our Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser features notes of cherry, amber and vanilla, which combine to create a warm yet delicate fragrance that's perfect for a living room.


Reed diffusers can fill a room beautifully with fragrance

All of the cooking that takes place in a kitchen can fill the room with a variety of often clashing smells, which can linger for several days if food gets burned or the washing-up isn't done promptly.

With this in mind, you need a fresh, subtle fragrance for the kitchen that won't interfere with the smells of your food.

Our Greentea & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser, with its notes of citrus and oriental green tea, would work well here. Make sure you always have a refill handy so you never run out of this fresh-smelling fragrance.


Your bedroom is another room that needs a fragrance to be subtle, but also to provide a practical purpose. If you struggle to get to sleep at night, certain essential oils can help to make you feel relaxed, calm and ready to get a good night's rest.

Lavender is particularly effective at this, making our Citrus & Lavender Reed Diffuser the perfect addition to your bedroom. Its citrus notes balance out the floral scent, meaning it's an ideal fragrance for keeping your bedroom smelling flowery and fresh during the day, while also helping you to doze off in the evening.


The bathroom needs a powerful home fragrance to mask any unpleasant smells. Our Jasmine & Lilac Reed Diffuser, with its strong floral aroma, is a gorgeous posy of scent thanks to its notes of jasmine, lilac and lavender alongside summer berries, oranges and lemons.

This heady intoxicating scent is exactly what you need in your bathroom, so make sure you've got a refill close at hand at all times.

These are just a few of the home fragrances in our range - shop the entire Heyland & Whittle collection here