Simple Christmas decorations that won’t break the bank

Simple Christmas decorations that won't break the bank

If you haven't started decorating your home already, you're probably starting to plan when you're going to get your tree out and where you're going to put up tinsel. Whether you like subtle decorations or go all out and make your home look like a winter wonderland, it can get expensive.

While many of us have the same decorations that come down from the attic every year, it is always tempting to purchase new ones to add a different element to your home. However, changing your colour scheme or adding more decorations can get expensive.

Rather than shelling out for pricey Christmas glitz, there are easy decorations that you can make yourself. Not only will these look great, but if you get the whole family involved, it will create some Christmas memories that you can get out every year.

Glitter pinecones

Pinecones have become a rather chic option for decorations, with lights, garlands and even Christmas trees coming adorned with them. Rather than paying for these natural decorations, you can simply collect them yourself.

While pinecones look lovely as they are, you can add an extra festive edge by painting the edges with glue and dipping them in glitter. Tap the pinecones to remove excess glitter and allow the glue to dry.

You can then lay them out on your mantelpiece, adding an extra bit of sparkle with battery-powered fairy lights, or place them in a glass bowl or vase to create a centrepiece for your coffee or dining table.

Paper chains

A really classic decoration for Christmas is paper chains, which are fun and easy to make. You just need strips of coloured paper or craft card, glue or tape. Simply make a circle with one strip, sticking the ends together and then use another to make a circle around the edge of the first.

You carry on doing this until you've achieved your desired length and then you're ready to decorate your home. Paper chains can be used on your tree, hung from your ceiling or even used as garlands, making them a really versatile choice.

Rather than shelling out for pricey Christmas glitz, there are easy decorations that you can make yourself

If you don't want to pack them away for the next year, you can simply pop them in the recycling once you take all your decorations down.

Air-dry clay

If you want to make decorations that last, air-dry clay is a good option. You can cut out shapes from the clay and leave it to dry for 24 hours before painting it - just remember to put a hole in your decorations for ribbon so you can hang them up.   

If you have young children or grandchildren, it is a nice idea to make decorations from their handprints, which can be achieved by having them press their hand into the clay. This adds a really personal touch to your decorations and will be a lovely touch when you get everything out to put up each December.

It is a good idea to prepare the dry clay before painting it, as certain paints will be absorbed by the clay, meaning they won't appear as bright or will need several coats. A simple way to get the clay ready for painting is to create a wash of PVA glue and water, which will seal it so your paint will look better and last longer.

Oranges and cinnamon

You can also make decorations from food, which tend to be colourful, add a traditional edge and help fragrance your home. Cinnamon and oranges are great choices for simple but effective decorations and are a big part of Christmas fragrance.

Simply make bundles of cinnamon that are tied together tightly with ribbon. These can be put in a centrepiece, on your mantelpiece or hung from your tree or garlands. You can trim the sticks down to your desired size - just be sure to do so carefully to avoid them splitting.

For oranges, slice them carefully so you get straight edges and then use kitchen towels to soak as much juice as you can without squashing the slices. Put them on a wire rack and pop them in the oven on a low heat for around three to four hours.

Once finished, piece the slices so you can thread them with ribbon for hanging or pile them up in a bowl for a festive centrepiece. 

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