Simple ways to make summer last longer

Simple ways to make summer last longer

Now that September is here, many people will be looking forward to the autumn. However, a number of others are going to be trying to hang onto the summer for as long as possible.

While you can't control the weather - no matter how much you may want to - you can help yourself feel summery for as long as possible. This means staving off the colder autumn months for a while and embracing the last few glorious weeks of almost-summer.

Here are our top easy ways to make it feel like August for just a little bit longer: 

Layer up

One of the easiest ways to feel summery is to carry on wearing your summer wardrobe. However, it's unlikely to be brilliant sunshine every day, so pick clothing that can be layered up. 

This means you can be reactive to the weather and temperatures, while still looking like it's the height of summer.

Relax outside

Make the most of being able to spend time outdoors while you can

You'll soon be huddled up indoors dreaming of the summer months while rain beats against your windows, so make the most of being able to spend time outdoors while you can. Enjoy taking walks or relaxing outside after work with a cup of tea.

It could even be a nice idea to get yourself some outdoor candles to light your garden when the sun does start to set.

Bright scents

The scents of summer can keep the season alive in your home, so why not try adding a reed diffuser or candle, or spritzing some room mist around to help keep your house smelling amazing?

Certain fragrances remind us of summer, so use these to help you feel like it's still your favourite season.

Summer food

We all love summer food, whether it's ice cream, barbecue goodies or fresh salads. Tailoring your meals so they reflect the season can help you feel like you're holding onto it, even if it's cold and miserable outside.

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