Small changes make big differences

Small changes make big differences

You might be thinking about the big changes you can make this year as part of your resolutions, but you don't actually need to go big to make a difference. 

Small changes can actually lead to big changes, as well as being easier to stick to for longer. If you tend to give up on your resolutions before we're halfway through the year, you might want to try out one or more of these small changes instead:

Walk more

Rather than joining a gym and paying for a year's membership that you don't use after the first three months, try walking more every day. Getting your 10,000 steps in can help keep you fit, lose weight and improve endurance without being high impact.

Luxury showers

Small changes can actually lead to big changes

You might want to try and enjoy a pamper or a long bath more this year, but we don't always have the time to do so. Rather than totally giving up on little luxuries, add some to your shower. Use one of our gorgeous body washes every day to cleanse and moisturise skin while lightly fragrancing it with a lovely scent.

Food swaps

If your goal is to eat healthily this year, you don't need to give up everything you love. Making ingredient swaps can help you create all your favourite meals while also cutting calories. Things like vegetables instead of rice and pasta, low fat cheese, and skimmed milk are all healthy alternatives that can help you with your goal without being huge differences.

Home design

Do you want to change your home this year but don't have the time for a full redecorate? Until you're able to transform your house, add small touches that can change the feel of rooms. Try rearranging your furniture, add soft furnishings and even home fragrance in the form of reed diffusers and candles, as all of this can alter how a room looks and feels without you needing to get the paint out. 

Each of these little changes could add up before the end of the year and help you make the most of 2017 in a manageable way. Which will you be using?

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