Smells like home: Nostalgic fragrances for Mother’s Day

Smells like home: Nostalgic fragrances for Mother's Day

Smells can be incredibly nostalgic; just the mere whiff of the pages of an old book or a snatch of a cooking scent can immediately transport you back decades to a specific time in your life. Catching certain aromas can instantly make you feel years younger, remember old friends and exactly how you felt at a particular time.

Mother's Day (which this year falls on Sunday March 11th) is often an occasion for sharing memories of childhood and days gone by with loved ones; we can reminisce about good times and reflect on fond and happy memories.

Smell can play a huge part in these memories, whether it's the fragrance of mum's sticky toffee pudding warming through in the oven after Sunday lunch or the beautifully heady scent of the sweet peas in gran's garden, where you spent many happy afternoons together.

When choosing your Mother's Day gift this year, think about those nostalgic smells from times gone by and look for a present inspired by them. Your mum will hugely appreciate the thought behind your gift and you'll be able to spend a lovely day reminiscing together.

Mum's mouth-watering cooking

Cooking smells are some of the most powerfully evocative of all. Sniffing the aroma of roast lamb can take us back to family Sunday lunches from our childhood, the strong fragrance of frying onions can transport us to a fun afternoon at the fairground many moons ago and a cake fresh out of the oven can make us feel three years old again, eagerly waiting to blow out the candles on our birthday.

For many of us, mums play a central role in these nostalgic food memories, as they made us comforting meals, keeping us nourished and putting their love into every spoonful.

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Can you remember what your childhood home smelt like?

Show mum your appreciation for her wonderful culinary efforts over the years with one of our beautifully fragranced yet gloriously quirky Candles in a Can; lighting our Vanilla Custard Candle in a Can will remind her of those lovely cosy Sundays spent sitting around the table as a family tucking into homemade apple pie or sticky toffee pudding and custard, while our sweet Strawberry scent will bring back memories of lazy summer afternoons enjoying a family picnic or watching the tennis while tucking into a bowl of sugar-sprinkled strawberries.

Comforting fresh linen

Can you remember what your childhood home smelt like? A mix of mum's perfume, stew cooking in the oven and that comforting smell you were greeted with every time you snuggled under fresh sheets on a Sunday evening before another week at school.

The smell of fresh laundry is incredibly comforting no matter how old you are, but there's something about the scent of a newly washed pile of bedding or towels that makes you feel safe, like when you were younger and someone was looking after you and doing your laundry.

Our Fresh Linen Candle in a Glass - a gorgeous blend of lemon, sweet mandarin, bergamot and patchouli - would make a lovely Mother's Day gift, showing your mum that you still associate that comforting fragrance with her even after all these years. Alternatively, treat yourself to one to remind you of the smell of your childhood, bringing you comfort even when mum isn't around.

Gran's glorious garden

From the blooms dad always bought your mum on their anniversary to the flowers growing in your grandparents' garden where you spent lazy long weekends every summer, floral scents can also be overwhelmingly nostalgic.

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Of course, you could buy mum a beautiful big bunch of flowers to show your appreciation for her this Mother's Day, but you might prefer to give a gift that's a little more long-lasting, like a floral-scented Reed Diffuser. Our Sweet Pea & Rose Reed Diffuser provides a lovely and sweet flowery fragrance, while our Neroli & Rose Reed Diffuser is just as gorgeous, but with the added scent of delicate orange blossoms.

If your mum's not as able as she once was to go into the garden and pick fresh flowers to bring indoors, our Citrus & Lavender Reed Diffuser would be a thoughtful way to bring the fragrance of her favourite sprigs of lavender indoors, along with a refreshing citrus kick that'll leave her home smelling beautiful and fresh.

Find a fragrance your mum will adore by browsing our full range of gorgeous scented candles and elegant reed diffusers here