Sometimes the best Mothering Sunday is a quiet one: Phyllis Logan tells us what she wants on Mother’s Day

Sometimes the best Mothering Sunday is a quiet one: Phyllis Logan tells us what she wants on Mother's Day

March 15th is approaching, meaning Mother's Day is not far off. If you haven't started thinking about what to treat your mum to this year, now is the perfect time to consider which gifts or treats she might appreciate.

To help you decide what might be the best gift for your mother, Heyland and Whittle have been chatting to a few celeb mums to find out what their ideal day would be like and what they are expecting their children to do for them this year.

We got to talk to Phyllis Logan the day before she started the long process of filming the new series of Downton Abbey, and she was able to give us a bit of an insight into Mothering Sunday in her house.

With a teenage son, David, and six months of filming lying ahead of her, Phyllis seems to know what it takes to balance family and work without letting any balls drop, especially as her husband Kevin McNally also has a very busy schedule.

In fact, with the both of them being so busy on a regular basis, Phyllis doesn't really get much of a Mother's Day. While she may have given a few hints in the past that have resulted in a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates, if her husband doesn't remind her son she doesn't expect to get much.

Although she doesn't get much in the way of presents or treats, Phyllis always made sure to send something to her own mum, which led to a bit of confusion on her first Mother's Day after her son was born.

"There was a card sitting on the table when I came downstairs and it said 'To Mum' and I thought 'is that a card that I forgot to post to my mum?' I completely forgot that I now deserved a Mother's Day card; I just forgot that I was a mum."

Other than that, Phyllis has been quite happy with receiving the odd bunch of flowers when it gets remembered, although she was also once given a dressing gown. She enjoys the small touches when her son and husband have the time but isn't fussed about everyone making a huge deal out of Mothering Sunday.

"I'm not looking for anything much, but it is nice just to be acknowledged. A card suits me just fine."

However, that doesn't stop Phyllis from having a perfect Mother's Day in mind, even if this is very low key. 

She'd be perfectly happy simply doing nothing for the whole day and getting to enjoy breakfast in bed; especially if it was made up of a glass of orange juice, a cup of tea and some scrambled eggs. As she films for such long periods of time, we can't say we blame her!

Phyllis doesn't place much store in gifts on Mothering Sunday, laughing that the most unusual gift she was given on the day was absolutely nothing. She doesn't see the presents as being the most important factor.

"My son's a teenager and I think why bother putting all that on him? Mind you, he has son's day every day of the year!

"Maybe I can persuade him and he'll bring me up scrambled eggs for breakfast. But then of course, when do teenagers get out of bed? I'd be starving if I had to wait for him to get up. It might be better to try and get him to do Sunday lunch; I'll have to work on him for that."

We think Phyllis deserves a day of doing nothing, especially as filming on Downton Abbey gets to be so all-consuming. With only a few days off in a fortnight, she gets very little time to relax and usually has to head to bed after getting in the door and having dinner.

Phyllis Logan filled us in on what she'd love to get for Mother's Day and how she balances family with filming Downton Abbey

"It's a mindset. You have to think 'well, I'm in work mode now'. They're long days when we do film so it does get tiring."

However, she does have some great advice for dealing with such a hectic schedule: "The main thing is, and sometimes it is difficult, to just try and get as much sleep as possible."

Although she knows how to get through the long months of filming, there are still a few things that tend to slide on the organisation front, as Phyllis admits that post and emails will tend to go unopened and unanswered for a while.

At least now that her son is 18, he tends to fend for himself, making it a lot easier to juggle work and family. However, Phyllis does find it difficult when her husband is also working as it tends to mean getting home after a long day to no dinner being ready. This requires her to think ahead and try and have things that are easy and quick ready for her in the fridge when she gets home.

It isn't surprising that with all this going on, Phyllis would love to have a pampering spa day to help her relax and unwind.

"A pamper day isn't something I do very often; I haven't had a facial in years."

While she has massages every now and then to deal with the tension she carries across her shoulders, these are more a necessity than a pamper. Instead, she'd love to head to a spa for a few treatments, including a proper facial. 

She's also a fan of home fragrances to help create a nice atmosphere, with reed diffusers being a particular favourite - especially green tea and grapefruit.

When it comes to her son, Phyllis admits that she quite often ends up playing the bad cop.

"My husband and I have slightly different approaches. I suppose I'm a bit more on his case. But my husband is more the good cop, you know, if my son needs reprimanding; which isn't very often."

With a teenager in the house, Phyllis also has some great advice for other mums out there to help build a good relationship; with support playing a big factor in helping kids through things.

"Try and bite your lip sometimes when it's not that important. With the big stuff, like if you think they're doing something wrong in life, you've got to pick your moments."

And it isn't just mums that the actress has advice for: she also shares with us what she thinks children should be doing for their mum this Mother's Day.

"Find something you know your mummy likes, whether it's just a card or a nice cup of tea. Take it up to her in bed and wake her up with something lovely and a kiss and a cuddle. Just tell your mum you love her."

We have to say we agree wholeheartedly with this!

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