Spring is here: What does the season smell like to you?

Spring is here: What does the season smell like to you?

Spring officially begins on Tuesday March 20th, and we're so completely ready to welcome warmer days, bright sunshine, vibrant flowers and longer, lighter evenings into our lives once again.

It's a time of new life, hope and fresh beginnings, and these themes are reflected all around us during this beautiful season, from the first blushing blossoms on the trees to the newborn lambs nervously exploring farmers' fields.

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There's something incredibly refreshing about the start of this new season in particular, and that can be seen in its sights, smells and tastes.

Here at Heyland & Whittle, we're of course most interested in the specific scents that you associate with springtime, as your preferences play an influential role in our home fragrance design decisions.

So, what does the season smell like to you?

Sweet spring strawberries

Maybe it's the fragrant smell of roast lamb, flavoured with fresh rosemary and basil straight out of the oven, or the glorious sweetness of the first strawberries of the season. Our ever-unpredictable Great British weather can make the start of strawberry season hard to predict though, so make sure you've got our Strawberry Candle in a Can to hand to provide you with that beautifully sweet burst of fragrance.

Sweet peas and beautiful blossoms

It's a time of new life, hope and fresh beginnings

If you're a keen gardener, it's likely that it's not just the strawberries that you'll be waiting to come through in your garden, but also the first blooms of the season. Sweet peas are a lovely sight at this time of year - it's always an absolute delight seeing which colours are going to come through on your plants this time around. Will it be pure white, delicate blush pink, vibrant fuschia or deep purple?

Whatever the hue, you can be guaranteed that your sweet peas will smell exquisitely beautiful. It's always a real shame when sweet pea season is over, but our Sweet Pea & Rose Reed Diffuser will bring their delightfully distinct scent to your home long after spring has gone.

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If you're lucky enough to have a blossom tree in your garden, then you'll know that the scent is simply unbeatable. Sadly, we're not all fortunate enough to have such a beautiful floral sight outside our homes, but our Cherry Blossom Reed Diffuser means you don't have to miss out on that oh so wonderful fragrance. It features notes of blossom with sweet vanilla and warming amber, bringing the smell of spring/summer into your home, even when it's raining outside.

Spring freshness, wherever you are

For Ursula Heyland, one half of the husband-and-wife team behind the Heyland & Whittle brand, Bergamot & Lime is the perfect springtime scent.

"It's sophisticated and fresh with its delicate combination of citrus notes and sharp bergamot, and the gorgeous green packaging is my absolute favourite - it's just perfect for spring," Ursula said.

Our Bergamot & Lime luxurious home fragrance products will certainly make your home smell spring fresh throughout the season and beyond, but if you want to carry the scent of spring with you when you're out of the house too, you should try our Neroli & Rose Body Scrub.

Neroli & Rose is the perfect blend of sweet orange blossom balanced with fragrant rose to create an aroma that's incredibly delicate and pretty. Use the natural sea salt and bamboo scrub in your morning bath or shower and your skin will be left feeling beautifully soft, smooth and spring fresh all day long.

Heyland & Whittle is here to fill your days with gorgeous fragrance, at every time of year. Explore our complete collection here