Stop your home feeling bare when the Christmas decs are gone

Stop your home feeling bare when the Christmas decs are gone

Are you a traditionalist who always takes your Christmas decorations down on Twelfth Night? Or do you want to pack them away as soon as Boxing Day is over? Or perhaps you like them up for a few extra days after Christmas but want to start the new year as you mean to go on: with a tidy house.

Whatever you prefer to do, your home can be left feeling pretty bare once your tree is down, the tinsel is packed away for another year and new homes have been found for all of the presents.

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However, you can easily make your home feel a little less empty and bring back some of the cosy warmth of Christmas time with a few subtle additions.

A beautiful-smelling home can never feel empty

Fragrance can have an extremely powerful effect in a home, evoking happy and nostalgic memories, providing comfort and reminding you of loved ones when you're not together.

Some scents can even lift your mood, so placing a few Reed Diffusers or Candles around your home as you battle with the back-to-work or general January blues can really help to boost your spirits.

Fragrance can have an extremely powerful effect in a home

For example, our zingy Earl Grey Reed Diffuser adds a refreshing burst of lemon to a room, which, combined with delicate notes of tea leaves, can help you to feel a little more motivated on those cold, dark January mornings.

Alternatively, your home can never feel empty with a warm, cosy fragrance like Vetiver & Musk, which is rich, aromatic, spicy and musky all at the same time. Light a Vetiver & Musk Candle in a Glass when you arrive home in the evening to bring a warm glow to your home - literally, thanks to the flame, and in terms of how it smells.

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Our Fresh Linen fragrance is another that's ideal for making your home feel a little less bare, but also beautifully fresh. Reminiscent of freshly washed towels and sheets with notes of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, cedar and patchouli, our Fresh Linen Reed Diffuser will give the illusion that your home is a hive of activity, even if your actual laundry basket is overflowing!

Not quite ready to say goodbye to Christmas?

And if you're not quite ready to let go of all the joy of Christmas time just yet, and would leave your tree up until March if your other half didn't stop you, you can still enjoy the beautiful aromas of the festive season for a little longer, thanks to the fragrances in our Celebration Collection.

Fill the gap left by your Father Christmas ornaments or traditional nativity scenes with a Winter Spice Candle in a Tin to keep your home smelling like mulled wine and mince pies for at least a few more weeks, or opt for our Myrrh or Frankincense Reed Diffusers. While gorgeously festive on one level, each also features complex notes of florals and incense, providing just a lingering hint of Christmas as part of a wider wonderfully warm fragrance.

Home fragrance can go a long way to making your house feeling cosy and full of warmth and love, at any time of year.

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