Storage solutions for your spring clean

Storage solutions for your spring clean

After a pretty terrible winter, which probably saw you staying at home and battening down the hatches to avoid the awful weather, your home is sure to need a good spring clean.

Now is the ideal time to have a good clearout and freshen up your home. Not only does this create a healthier environment, it also means you'll be better able to get on with enjoying the summer.

As well as clearing out rubbish, changing the way you store things can make a big difference. 

Better storage can make rooms seem bigger while also hiding things from view to create a neater appearance.

Here are a few storage ideas that could provide some more interesting solutions for your home:

Stairways of storage

If you have a wooden staircase in your home, it could serve as a surprising and interesting storage solution. 

By installing pull-out wooden drawers in each of the stairs, you are able to provide more storage that fits with the look of your staircase and doesn't take up any extra space.

When you think about how many stairs you have, you realise just how many drawers that could mean. Whether you use them to store seasonal items like linen or as a place to put DVDs and books, you're sure to get a lot of use out of the extra drawers.

Over-door shelves

The area over your doors tends to be dead space, which means it is perfect for filling with extra storage. Over-door shelving provides out-of-the-way storage and can look very neat.

Just as with any other shelving, you have a choice of styles, from simple shelves to box options. This means you can ensure the look of this extra storage fits with the rest of your home.

Better storage can make rooms seem bigger while also hiding things from view to create a neater appearance

Just be sure not to put anything breakable or fragile on these shelves, as closing the door too hard could spell disaster.

Multipurpose furniture

Your furniture can double up as extra storage, which is great as it means you won't be taking up any extra space in a room.

Things like beds that can lift up to reveal storage space or that have drawers underneath, hollow ottomans and box coffee tables are great ways to add more storage space to your home.

They allow you to hide items away, making more space and also serving as the ideal solution if you need to have a very quick tidy round. 

This type of furniture also tends to be pretty sturdy, as it needs to be reinforced in key areas to make up for the hollow design, which means it will be a good investment as it will last for a long time.  

Empty space

If you have any empty and unused space, such as on top of cabinets or under furniture, you can use it for storage. 

Simple storage boxes that fit with your colour scheme or the theme of your home can provide you with more space to put things, allowing you to pop them wherever there's a gap.

It is a good idea to remember though that some of the places you put boxes are not easily accessible at all times - cabinet tops, for example, will probably require a step ladder - so you shouldn't store items you use regularly in them.  

A fresh home

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