Stuck indoors? Make it fun for kids

Stuck indoors? Make it fun for kids

While your little ones are back to school now, the chances are they are going to end up getting stuck inside at the weekends when the weather is bad. 

This doesn't mean they need to be stuck in front of the TV when it's raining, as there are plenty of activities you can get them engaged in.

Here are a few things that could entertain your kids, as well as yourself:

Get baking

A simple shortbread recipe doesn't take a lot to whip up and once you have the dough, you can let your little ones create some tasty biscuits. All they need are some different cutters to shape their biscuits and icing and sweets to decorate them when they're baked.

You may end up with a messy kitchen, but it will be worth it when they are quietly enjoying their snack.

Make an obstacle course

There are plenty of activities to engage kids with

Just because they can't go outside doesn't mean you can't get your kids to burn off some energy. Why not create an obstacle course that they can then play with and race each other on?

Make different stages that cover as many rooms as you dare, with everything from egg and spoon races, hopscotch and speedy fancy dress. You can even get them to help you plan it.

Get puzzling

Puzzles are a bit of fun, but you can keep children engaged for longer by getting them to make their own. Give them pieces of card to draw a picture on and then cut it up into puzzle pieces so they can put it back together again.

This will also give you a great set of puzzles to play with in the future.

Hide and seek

This classic game has stood the test of time for a reason. It's a lot of fun and can keep your kids entertained for ages. 

Take in turns to be the seeker and let everyone else hide. Just remember to make the rule clear, which mean no moving around after you've hidden and only hiding in certain rooms. 

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