Summer scents that suit the season

Summer scents that suit the season

With the US celebrating National Sense of Smell Day on Saturday April 25th, it has got us thinking about what fragrances we associate with the summer season.

We all associate smells with certain things, so you're sure to have a few fragrances that remind you of summer. These can help to lift your mood and freshen your home while also triggering happy memories.

It could be a certain perfume, a type of food or even the smell of sun cream that screams summer to you,change to ; we're all different and we experience scents in different ways. 

Whether you want to think back to another summer from the past or simply enjoy a fresh and bright fragrance, there's sure to be something that perfectly expresses the season to you.

If you don't know what scents remind you of summer, here are some great ones to try using over the next few months:

Fresh and fruity

Nothing says summer quite like a really bright fragrance that makes everything smell wonderfully fresh. Even when the weather isn't behaving - which is usually the case with the great British summer - citrus scents that combine sweetness with something tangy can help to make you feel summery.

Something like Greentea and Grapefruit is perfect if you like this mix of sweet and citrus. The grapefruit creates a really crisp fragrance while the green tea adds a light hint of the orient, which creates a lovely depth to the scent.  

You're sure to find that this fragrance uplifts you and sets you up for the summer day, as well as brightening your home as we head into the inevitable autumn and winter seasons. 

You can enjoy the scent on your skin with our body wash or allow it to fragrance your whole home with one of our reed diffusers, creating a great summer atmosphere. 

Hints of the beach

Find the perfect fragrance to remind you of this summer with out gorgeous range of scented home and body products

For those that associate summer with jetting off to tropical beaches and sunny climes, you might enjoy a slightly sweeter smell this season. With sun creams and cocktails often featuring the creamy smell of coconut, this is an ideal summer scent.

Our Coconut, Vanilla and Blackpepper range will instantly transport you to a sunny destination, even if you're still stuck in the office. The classic coconut fragrance is combined with sweet and warm vanilla, while the hint of black pepper adds a bit of spice; giving the scent a modern twist.

This is a beautiful summer scent that will stay on your skin throughout the day when you use our gorgeously soft body lotion, allowing you to really make the most of it. 

You can also enjoy the warm and sweet fragrance in your home with one of our candles in a glass, providing a soft scent while also being very slow burning; ensuring you can enjoy the fragrance for the whole summer. 

Light and floral

If you prefer the subtle smells of summer, such as walking through your blooming garden with floral scent on the breeze, this could be the ideal fragrance to choose for the season.

Light floral fragrances allow you to bring the outdoors inside and create a beautiful atmosphere without being overly strong. Our new Cherry Blossom products could be the ideal selection, offering you a subtle but effective scent that has a hint of the orient.

With candles and reed diffusers available, you can enjoy the soft fragrance of cherries combined with vanilla and amber for a warm and slightly sweet smell. What better way to make the most of all that the summer has to bring than by transporting a part of your summer garden into your home?

Fragrance for less

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What better reason do you need to treat yourself?