Summer scents to help you embrace the season

Summer scents to help you embrace the season

It may technically still be spring, but summer isn't too far off. We've already started to enjoy plenty of sunshine, much warmer weather and longer days, and soon things are only going to get better.

While the chances are you'll be wanting to spend a lot more time outside in the sun when summer does arrive in all its glory, this isn't always the most practical option. Being indoors doesn't mean you have to skip out on all the summery things, though, as it's easy to bring the season into your home.

Fragrance is a fantastic way to do this and we have just the summery scents that could help you make the most of the next few months.

Sparkling rose

Sitting in the early evening sunshine enjoying a glass of chilled wine is definitely a great part of summer. Even when the weather gets a bit grey or you don't get a chance to relax in this way, you can enjoy the fragrances of moments like this with our H&W London Sparkling Rose scent.

We have just the summery scents that could help you make the most of the next few months

Inspired by glasses of sweet and refreshing rose wine, we've combined the scents of sweet, ripe berries with the floral notes of rose to create a stunning fragrance that is perfect for summer. Available in a reed diffuser and candle, you can enjoy this scent all day or when unwinding in the evening.


Nothing says summer quite like a burst of fresh citrus fruit, which is why our Grapefruit fragrance from our Home range is the perfect addition to your house this season. Smelling like you've just cut open a grapefruit, this scent will instantly brighten your home and make you think of sunshine even when it's raining.

Enjoy it in two different candle sizes and a reed diffuser that can be refilled to allow you to revel in that summer feeling for months.


What's more summery than a day at the seaside? You can enjoy notes of the classic British beach holiday with the beautiful Sennen range we created for Seasalt, which is inspired by Cornwall.

Combining an intricate mix of notes, including bergamot, sweet mandarin, cedar and patchouli, Sennen smells just like a sea breeze, taking you to the coast and bringing back happy summer holiday memories. As well as candles and reed diffusers in this scent, you can make the most of it in solid and liquid soap, as well as supremely softening hand lotion.

Find the scent that reminds you of summer and fill your home with the season by shopping our range of fragrances here