Sweet pea season: The sweetest of all

Sweet pea season: The sweetest of all

You'd be forgiven for thinking that all of April's treats are over once the last of your Easter chocolate has been eaten, but this month usually has some truly beautiful gifts in store in the form of gorgeous spring flowers.

This is the time of year when vibrant yellow daffodils are out in their full glory, and when some of the sweetest-smelling blooms of all, sweet peas, begin to bloom.

Sweet peas are a dear favourite of Paddy and Ursula Heyland, the husband-and-wife team behind the Heyland & Whittle brand. They plant them in their garden every year, before cutting them and bringing them inside their house to fill their home with their unique heady smell and bursts of colour, which can range from deep fuchsia to the pure white, such is their beauty.

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This month usually has some truly beautiful gifts in store

It's this love of sweet peas that influenced the creation of our Sweet Pea & Rose range of products, which combines two of the nation's favourite floral fragrances in one to produce a lovely distinctive scent like no other.

Our Sweet Pea & Rose Reed Diffuser, Candle in a Glass and Candle in a Tin are part of our New Home collection, which features stunning brightly-coloured packaging to bring an extra burst of colour into your home, but with scents that will last much longer than flowers themselves. We think that if the aroma of Sweet Pea & Rose was a colour, it would be a beautiful blush pink, and the packaging for this fragrance reflects this.

You don't have to worry about forgetting about your cuttings and ending up with a vase of dirty water and dead petals, as the smell of our products will fill your home for weeks on end, as strong and beautiful on each day as it was on the very first.

Sweet Pea & Rose is designed to bring the scent of spring and summer to your home, even when our Great British Summer brings endless rain, stopping you from getting out into your garden.

Another glorious benefit of home fragrance over fresh flowers is that even in the middle of winter, when the start of sweet pea season feels a world away, you can still enjoy that heady, heavenly scent.

Sweet Pea & Rose is just one of the gorgeous floral-inspired fragrances in the Heyland & Whittle collection. Shop the full range here