Take inspiration from Downton Abbey for your decor

Take inspiration from Downton Abbey for your decor

Sunday evenings in autumn always feel like a time to wind down and enjoy a cup of tea in front of the fire before another busy week begins.

It's also a great time to enjoy a TV period drama - and none have been more popular in recent years than Downton Abbey. Now in its fifth series, millions tune in every week to see the Crawleys and their friends and relatives go about their business, facing crises and negotiating the etiquette of the era.

Not only do we love the storylines - will Lady Edith get her happy ending? Will Bates and his beloved Anna finish up behind bars, or worse? - but we also adore the setting, with Highclere Castle immaculately decorated to reflect the Jazz Age.

If you love Downton and can't get enough of the 1920s, then why not use the programme to glean a few home decor ideas this autumn? The opulence will create a really warming look as the evenings get cooler, plus it's sure to impress any visitors as Christmas approaches.

Here, we've got a few ideas that could help you recreate the glamorous decadence enjoyed by Lady Mary and her family.

Classic 1920s styling

The era that gave us Flappers and the Charleston was a real contrast to the austerity of the war years and home decor was sophisticated yet exotic, with accent pieces inspired by far-flung lands that had been recently revealed to the wider world by explorers.

Angular shapes were prominent, as were mirror tiles, chrome, glass and enamel. Rich mahogany furniture was still popular, but many wallpapers and soft furnishing were neutral, in contrast to the heavy, dark colours of the Edwardian era.

You can easily emulate any of these looks with modern furniture styled to look vintage, or even with contemporary pieces picked up from pre-loved stores.

Little details

Emulate the setting of Downton Abbey for a classy home this autumn.

Look around Downton Abbey and you'll see lots of little accent pieces, including lamps featuring female figures and Tiffany-style shades. There are also decorative glass perfume bottles and ornate photo frames, all of which you can look out for to liven up your own home.

Cushions are a good way to get the 1920s look, especially if they're made of metallic fabric and have art deco patterns, plus they don't require a complete overhaul of your rooms.

Another big style aspect is patriotism. This era was very soon after the end of the First World War and people were keen to keep on remembering the fallen but also embrace the idea of moving on to a new, more optimistic Britain.

Consequently, there were lots of Union Jack-themed items and discreet flags around the home, which you can give a nod to with our H&W Hope & Glory range that includes a reed diffuser and handwash, among other items.

Incidentally, all of our traditional soap is made using the age-old cold processed method, so you can be sure you're using the same type of product that our ancestors might have picked up almost 100 years ago.

Taking tea

Finally, an episode of Downton wouldn't be complete without someone taking tea and you could browse vintage shops for a pretty tea service of your own, which would be nice enough to display on a sideboard when not in use. People would have created ambience with candles back then just as we do now, so don't forget a charming candle either - we love the Orange Spice fragrance for this time of year.

Keep an eye open for some nice silverware too, as it can add a lovely finishing touch for the table - although we're afraid you'll have to find your own Carson or Mr Molesley to polish it for you.

Give some of these tips a try and see if you can bring the atmosphere of Downton into your own abode this season.