Tea: For the cocktail glass as well as the teapot

Tea: For the cocktail glass as well as the teapot

*We strongly advise that you pour yourself a cuppa before reading this post, as you'll certainly be fancying one by the end of it.*

Tomorrow (Saturday April 21st) is National Tea Day in the UK, giving us a whole day to celebrate our love of all things tea. This doesn't just mean drinking it in the traditional way with milk either, it means appreciating everything from its unique, comforting fragrance to its flavour in baking.

Here's a few ideas to help you get in the spirit of National Tea Day:

Tea-inspired cocktails

Tea doesn't have to be served from a teapot, it can be poured from a cocktail shaker too. You're most likely already familiar with the Long Island Iced Tea, but despite its name, it doesn't actually contain any tea.

Some cocktails do though, like the Royal Tea, which Joe's Tea Co. recommends making with vodka, Earl Grey tea, apple juice and a squeeze of fresh lime. How wonderfully refreshing does that sound? But also incredibly sophisticated.

Saturday April 21st is National Tea Day in the UK

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If you're a fan of chai tea, this also works brilliantly in cocktails; try adding a little to a classic White Russian, or using it instead of espresso in a beverage fusion martini.

Fill your home with the scent of tea

If you drink more cups of tea in a day than you care to admit and simply can't get enough of the stuff, then our Earl Grey Reed Diffuser would be perfect for you.

With its gorgeous citrus-infused flavour, it's a stunning home fragrance that will work well in any room in your house, filling it with that comforting scent we all know and love.

Baking with tea

Another way to fill your home with the aroma of tea is to bake with it. Tea can be a fantastic baking ingredient, for example in a fruit loaf. Earl Grey works particularly well in baking thanks to its strong zesty flavours that are ideal for adding a little something different to a traditional bake.

Next time you're making scones or a fruit cake, soak your dried fruit overnight in hot, strong tea instead of in your usual brandy or other liqueur, before adding to your other ingredients. Your cake will have a beautifully different taste, and it'll go down an absolute treat with a nice cup of tea - or an Earl Grey-inspired cocktail.

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