Tea solves everything: Earl Grey joins the H&W Home range

Tea solves everything: Earl Grey joins the H&W Home range

Brits have long believed that a hot cup of tea solves all problems. Feeling sad? Have a cuppa. Got a problem to work out? Tea will most definitely help. Too cold? Brew up. Got something to celebrate? Put the kettle on, get the saucers out and some cake too.

The warmth of the mug in your hands combined with the soothing aroma of tea makes it an incredibly comforting drink, regardless of whether you prefer traditional English breakfast, fruit tea, peppermint tea or classic Earl Grey.

At Heyland & Whittle, we've taken the subtle citrus and tea leaf fragrance of Earl Grey and incorporated it into the latest scent to join our Home range.

Our new Earl Grey Reed Diffuser will leave your home smelling like a beautifully comforting cuppa when you've not gone one in your hands. Even when you've run out of milk or your kettle is broken, you'll still be able to experience the comforting sensation of a hot brew thanks to its delicate yet distinctive fragrance.

The soothing aroma of tea makes it an incredibly comforting drink

If you're more of a coffee drinker, then our Caffe Latte Reed Diffuser is the one for you. It features hints of espresso which are balanced out with buttery notes. This means it's not too overwhelming, but it will still make your home smell as gorgeous and welcoming as your favourite coffee shop.

This fragrance is also available as a Caffe Latte Candle, which will fill your home with the enticing aroma of coffee. It's perfect if you need a coffee hit but are trying to cut back on the caffeine!

For green tea fans, there's the Greentea & Grapefruit Reed Diffuser, with its gorgeous citrus smell, which works beautifully alongside notes of Oriental tea.

Tea and coffee aren't the only beverages influencing products in our Home range, as we also have the hugely popular Clementine & Prosecco Candle and Clementine & Prosecco Reed Diffuser that are ideal if you want your home to smell like your favourite Christmas tipple. Keep a refill for the reed diffuser handy so you can have this scent all year round.

Drinks are just one of the many sources of inspiration for our home fragrance range - shop all of our scents here