Tick one job off your to-do list each day in advent

Tick one job off your to-do list each day in advent

With 24 days before Christmas, advent is the perfect opportunity to get all of your tasks done in a calm fashion. Follow our guide and tick one thing off each day and everything will be ready for December 25th without the stress.

1st - Make a list of the friends and family you need to buy presents for
2nd - Research presents for each person
3rd - Get your online shopping done
4th - Hit the shops, armed with your list
5th - Make a playlist of Christmas songs
6th - Practice your Christmas cocktails - it is Friday after all!
7th - Buy your Christmas tree

Decorated tree

Photo credit: Unsplash/Denisse Leon

Follow our simple list of one task a day to complete throughout advent and you’ll find you’re ready for December 25th without the stress.

8th - Decorate your tree
9th - Plan the Christmas Day menu, taking all dietary requirements into consideration
10th - Write your Christmas cards
11th - Buy your stamps and don’t forget to ask for the festive ones
12th - Post your Christmas cards
13th - Buy wrapping paper, tags and ribbon
14th - Put a Heyland & Whittle Diffuser in each of the guest rooms
15th - Decorate the rest of your house, including hanging a wreath on the door
16th - Tackle any tricky shopping you didn’t manage to get done earlier
17th - Make your mince pies - leaving it this late should mean there’s still some left on Christmas Day
18th - Finalise your table settings
19th - Wrap stocking presents

Christmas gift tag

Photo credit: Unsplash/Kelly Sikkema

20th - Write all your gift tags out so they can be added to your parcels as they’re wrapped
21st - Wrap your presents
22nd - Clean the guest rooms, make the beds and ensure there are enough towels
23rd - Do the big Christmas food shop
24th - By now you should only need to prep the food
25th - Have a very merry Christmas

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