Top tips for a more sustainable Christmas

Top tips for a more sustainable Christmas

We all know we should be doing our bit for the environment and Christmas is a time with lots of excess. So, make sure your celebrations are as sustainable as possible with a few little changes to help the planet this year. You don’t need to compromise on style or enjoyment, as these hacks show.

Buy multiple presents from the same place

If you’re ordering online, then try and get as many of your gifts as possible from the same supplier. Not only will this help to cut down on packaging, as presents can be combined into fewer parcels, but it’ll mean less fuel is required by cutting down on multiple deliveries. It’ll also make your life so much easier, as you can tick several loved ones off in the same internet shopping spree.

Choose our paper-wrapped soap

Here at Heyland & Whittle we’re doing what we can for the environment, so you can rest assured your parcels will be delivered with plastic-free tape and there’s no microbeads in our products. To do even more, you can opt to have your favourite Handmade Soaps wrapped in paper instead of the usual box. Whether you’re gifting them this Christmas or popping them into the spare bathroom to be used by your guests, your family and friends will appreciate the extra nod to sustainability.

More sustainable wrapping solutions

Photo credit: Unsplash/Nathan Lemon

Make your own wrapping paper

Think carefully about your actions this Christmas to make sure your festivities have a minimal impact on the environment.

Speaking of wrapping things up, all that shiny Christmas paper is a nightmare to recycle and there’s always a lot of it at this time of year. Make your own wrapping paper out of rolls of brown paper and decorate it with festive motifs made out of potato prints. The recipients of your gifts will love the personal touch and it’s a great way to get the kids or grandchildren involved.

Decorate with natural and biodegradable embellishments

Once your parcels are all wrapped up, add pretty decorations from nature as a finishing touch. It could be a pine cone or sprig of holly from the garden, or perhaps some dried out orange wheels and a cinnamon stick. You don’t need to stop at the gifts either, you can make your Christmas table look especially festive with boughs of pine surrounding flickering Candles.

Gift an experience like a massage

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Gift experiences not things

It’s all too easy to get caught up in buying items for our loved ones in the run up to Christmas, even if we know they don’t need anything. Try to avoid this trap and give the gift of an experience where possible. It could be a voucher for a family day out, a trip to a spa or even dinner at a nice restaurant, but instead of cluttering up their home, give them something to look forward to in the new year.

Fight the desire to overcater

Eating, drinking and being merry is all part of Christmas, but there’s a temptation to buy more food than it’s possible to eat. The shops are only closed for one or two days at the most and an awful lot of the produce we buy just in case unexpected visitors pop by goes in the bin. Food waste is a huge problem and all the energy used to grow it, make it and deliver it contributes to the destruction of the climate. Be sensible and don’t attempt to cater to the 5,000.

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