Top tips for tackling the spring clean

Top tips for tackling the spring clean

Spring has arrived and many people have put off the annual spring clean in favour of enjoying the good weather. Just as the sun can’t shine forever, this task that will give your home a new lease of life can’t be put off indefinitely either.

If you haven’t yet vacuumed under the bed and packed away your winter clothes, here are our top tips to get your house in order.

Making a list
Photo credit: Unsplash/ Glenn Carstens-Peters

Make a plan

The best way to do a job efficiently is to plan it properly and with household chores, this usually means making a list. Jot down all the rooms in your home and the tasks associated with each one. Assign a member of the family to each role and let them know their responsibilities, so that you’re not doing it all on your own.

And the best thing about a list is you get to satisfyingly tick the items off once they’re done.

Throw out as you go

When cleaning it can be very easy to move things you don’t need from one place to another or out of the way. While you’re doing this you should also be evaluating whether or not you need these items at all.

It will save time in the long run if you make cleaning and decluttering part of the same process, as opposed to separate tasks. Have boxes for the charity shop, bin and recycling on hand to remind you to make decisions as you go.

Start at the top

Get your house sparkling and smelling fresh with these top tips for a thorough spring clean.

Save yourself time and energy by cleaning each room from top to bottom. This will allow for any debris that falls while dusting, wiping or vacuuming up high to be cleaned up later when doing the tasks at ground level.

Such a systematic approach means you won’t have to go over areas you’ve already cleaned and you also won’t miss any bits out. That means less time cleaning and more time relaxing in a hot bath.

Welcome home

Do the once-a-year chores

The reason spring cleaning has its own name and special significance is because it’s not your regular once-around-the-house job. It’s a chance to get a bit deeper and do the tasks that tend to get left for rather a long time.

Unfortunately, this means taking down curtains and washing them, defrosting the freezer and emptying cupboards to wipe them down. As the days get longer and there’s more natural sunlight around, you will be glad you went the extra mile to make your home gleam.

The finishing touch

Once you’ve got on top of the cleaning, you will want to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Make them feel even better with the Greentea and Grapefruit Room Mist from our Classic range. A spritz of this fresh fragrance will enhance the wonderful clean atmosphere of your home.

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