Transform your home into an elegant winter wonderland

Transform your home into an elegant winter wonderland

Are you planning to spend this weekend dragging the Christmas decs out of the attic and transforming your home into a festive wonderland? If not, bear in mind that there's only one more full weekend after this until Christmas Day is upon us, so you need to get cracking on your decor.

Remember, it's not necessarily as simply as digging out the fairy lights and rooting out last year's tree if you want to create an elegant look. Do you go for a real tree or an artificial one? Tinsel or no tinsel? A set colour scheme, or forget about it and say the theme's 'Christmas'? We told you, there's lots to think about!

There can be temptation to buy tacky decorations at Christmas time, but if you don't want your home to be full of garden gnome-like Santa ornaments and clashing decorations reminiscent of the grotto at your local shopping centre, here are our top tips for creating an elegant winter wonderland.

Select a colour scheme

Red, green, gold and silver are the colours most commonly associated with Christmas time, but putting them all together on one tree can be a bit of an assault on the eyes. Instead, pick one or two colours and try to stick to those for your baubles, tinsel and ornaments.

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White and silver always look incredibly elegant paired together, creating a look that's reminiscent of fresh glistening snowfall. Add in some baby blue for an extra hit of colour if you'd like it to provide a hint of wintery sky to your festive decor.

Rose gold and pale pink can also look very classy. Teamed with plain fairy lights, this scheme doesn't have to look too girly, just beautifully festive.

Red and gold is another classic Christmas pairing, as is green and gold. Just try to steer clear of using red and green together - that's when the look can start to feel a little more grotto than winter wonderland.

Keep it minimal

Minimalism is key to classy Christmas decor. Tinsel can look a little bit fussy and retro, so leave it off your tree for a slightly more elegant feel.

Minimalism is key to classy Christmas decor

Stick to plain fairy lights rather than multi-coloured ones, and if they have different settings, set them so that they are permanently on. Flickering lights can be distracting, look a little tacky and potentially give you a headache - you certainly don't need that after an evening of festive prosecco drinking.

You could take the minimalist look one step further by getting a twig tree instead of a traditional green one this year.

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As they don't have all of the greenery and branches of classic trees, twig trees can make a statement all of their own if decorated tastefully. Spread out the baubles, with smaller ones towards the top and the larger, heavier ones on the bottom twigs for the most effective look.

Incorporate subtle fragrance

If you're keeping the decorations to a minimum, we suggest enhancing the overall look with a few carefully placed home fragrance products to add another layer to your decor.

Our Winter Spice Reed Diffuser, with its incredibly festive notes of orange, cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves, will blend in beautifully on your side board, while filling your home with a scent reminiscent of mulled wine and freshly baked Christmas cake. If you've opted for that twig tree, the reeds will be keeping in theme with your decorations, adding an extra subtle touch.

Candles can also look wonderfully festive, especially in the evening when you've dimmed the main lights and are enjoying some quiet time with just the Christmas tree lights illuminating the room.

Our Frankincense Candle in a Tin would fill your home with a warm, welcoming fragrance with sweet, smoky and woody notes, thanks to the essence of frankincense that it contains, alongside flowery rose and jasmine, and heady musk and vanilla.

All of our candles are available in either glasses or tins, so you can decide for yourself which fits in best with the rest of your classy Christmas decor.

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