Tumble-dried vs line-dried: Which is best?

Tumble-dried vs line-dried: Which is best?

Spring has arrived and we've finally had the first few slightly milder, sunshine days of the year. This time of year means longer evenings, lighter jackets and hopefully an opportunity to let your washing dry naturally on the line outside.

After more expensive energy bills during the winter months, it feels lovely to be able to switch your tumble dryer off the foreseeable future. But is one method of drying your laundry better than the other? Let's take a look:


Tumble-drying your towels can guarantee a soft finish that won't be tough on sensitive skin, but it can make some items shrink, so you do have to be careful with what you put in there - be especially mindful of woollen garments and jeans. And remember, it's recommended that you never put an underwired bra in your tumble dryer, as the wires can get jammed, breaking the appliance.

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What's more, there's no need to worry about the weather interfering with your washing if it's safely in your dryer; there's no risk of going outside and finding your laundry in your next door neighbour's garden thanks to the wind, or absolutely sodden after an unexpected downpour.

Tumble-drying also allows you to add fabric softener or other fragrances to your clothes, which can make them smell extra clean and fresh, letting you carry a gorgeous scent around with you all day long.


Is one method of drying your laundry better?

There are few sights more satisfying than seeing a line of washing blowing through and drying naturally on a warm breezy day. It's an image associated with spring, summer and guaranteed good weather.

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Drying your laundry on a washing line is much better for the environment than using a tumble dryer, and you should see a significant difference in your energy bills after making the switch.

However, line-dried clothes - especially towels that have been blown around by the wind - can be left feeling slightly stiff, meaning they won't necessarily be kind to sensitive skin. If you want your laundry to be left feeling as soft as if it had been tumble-dried but without succumbing to the temptations of the appliance, make sure you include plenty of fabric softener or fabric conditioner when putting your load in the washing machine.

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