Use fragrance to create a romantic ambience this Valentine’s Day

Use fragrance to create a romantic ambience this Valentine's Day

It's Valentine's Day and you want to impress your partner by treating them to a romantic evening at home, just the two of you. You've cooked an exquisite three-course meal, set a beautiful floral centrepiece on the table, poured a glass of their favourite wine and you've even taken the liberty of scattering a few rose petals on the bed for afterwards...

Thanks to your careful preparation, your home is practically dripping in romance, so what could possibly be missing?

Have you ever wished that you could bottle the essence of an evening or other occasion that you simply didn't want to end? If so, what would you capture in that vial? The memories? The laughter? What about the scent?

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Fragrance is a hugely powerful force

Fragrance is a hugely powerful force and the slightest whiff of a particular smell can instantly transport us back to a specific time, place or mood.

By giving some careful consideration to the smell of your Valentine's celebrations, you can not only enhance the sensual experience of your romantic night in, but also allow your partner to be reminded of a glorious evening every time they catch a hint of that scent in the future, putting you right to the forefront of their thoughts, wherever they may be.

Scented Candles don't just smell gorgeous, but they will add a little extra romance to your table too. Take the heady fragrance of our White Dahlia Candle in a Glass, for example; it's sensationally aromatic, with notes of jasmine, sweet pea, rose and lilies, so every time your partner smells one of those floral scents in the future, they'll instantly be reminded of your beautiful night in.

For an even more sensual, exotic, musky aroma, try our Vetiver & Musk Candle in a Glass, which is beautifully heady and glamorous, with notes reminiscent of warm evenings in the east.

Reed Diffusers can have a similar effect; place one on your dining table, or on the bedside table for when you go upstairs later on to fill your entire home with a powerful fragrance. Our Sandalwood & Oud Reed Diffuser provides a sensual, sweet and smoky scent that combines sandalwood, oud and rose for a beautiful oriental-inspired aroma.

If your partner has a favourite flower or other type of fragrance, plan the scents of your Valentine's night celebrations around this instead. Whatever you choose, the time spent planning and thinking about what they'll enjoy is guaranteed to be appreciated. And each time they catch a whiff of that scent afterwards, they'll remember the wonderful time you both had that evening.

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