Valentine’s Day sustainable gift guide

Valentine’s Day sustainable gift guide

February 14th is almost upon us and that means one thing - Valentine’s Day! But have you ever thought about the environmental impact of a shiny card and chocolates individually wrapped in foil packages? This year, show them you care with a gift that is good for the environment, as well as your relationship.

A reusable mug for the commute

Disposable coffee cups have been big news recently, with it hitting the headlines that they are particularly difficult to recycle. This represents the perfect opportunity to gift your loved one with a super-stylish reusable mug to take on the commute or that playdate in the park. We love this one in the instantly recognisable Earthly Paradise print by William Morris. Your other half will be happier still when they get money off their coffee order for bringing their own cup.

Enjoying chocolate

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COCO chocolate bars

If your lover is a chocoholic, then indulge them with some sustainable chocolate bars from the COCO chocolatier in Edinburgh. These palm oil-free confections are wrapped in matte paper and decorated with stunning designs. What’s more, the innovative flavours include everything from Isle of Skye sea salt with dark chocolate to rhubarb and ginger milk chocolate. Choose a selection for your partner or opt for a pre-packaged set of six COCO bars.

Wine the old-fashioned way

Choose your Valentine’s Day gift carefully this year to ensure that it is sustainable for the planet.

Like with many things, making wine the old-fashioned way is much better for the environment than adding technology and chemicals. That’s what Charles Smith does when creating his award-winning vintages, choosing to pick his grapes by hand and rely on techniques that respect the land and the wine itself. A bottle of Kung Fu Girl riesling will go down a treat this Valentine’s Day, unless your other half is more of a Velvet Devil merlot connoisseur.

Getting a massage

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A massage

When thinking about sustainable gifts you might want to give them an experience instead of an item to keep. A particularly thoughtful option could be a massage, which will give them some peace and quiet, while they’re being pampered and not having to think about anybody else. Cowshed has a number of options to choose from and uses all-natural products in its spas. With locations across London and further afield, you can find one that’s handy for your partner.

Handmade soap

All of Heyland and Whittle’s soaps are made using sustainable ingredients and practices, with natural colours, such as turmeric and madder root giving them their delicious hues. The Rose Heart Handmade Soap and Queen of the Nile Heart Handmade Soap are both perfect, sustainable gifts for Valentine’s Day. There’s no need to leave the fellas out either, with our new Men's Collection.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to show your loved one just how much you care. Shop the whole Heyland and Whittle range here.