Warning! Christmas content: Heyland & Whittle’s new Festive Collection

Warning! Christmas content: Heyland & Whittle’s new Festive Collection

It’s safe to say that we all feel autumn has well and truly set in and while darker nights and cooler temperatures can get you down, there are things to look forward to. Obviously, the biggie is Christmas and even if you think it’s still a little early for that, then we’re here to tempt you with our new Festive Collection.

Comprising three scents and available in a number of products, this new range celebrates the best of the winter season. Whether it’s the cosiness of candlelight, the spice of mulled wine or the sparkle that everything takes on at Christmas, we’ve got just what you need to get you into the spirit.

Festive Spice

Nothing says Christmas like this carefully balanced mix of cinnamon, oranges and lemons to both relax and invigorate. Think Christingle services, the fruit cake baking in the oven and cinnamon sticks threaded with red ribbon and attached to dried orange peel hanging from the tree.

We’d be more than happy to find the Festive Spice Candle in a Glass in a package under the tree bearing a tag with our name on it this Christmas.

Christmas wreath on a door

Photo credit: Unsplash/Jez Timms

Frosted Wreath

From Frosted Wreath to Mulled Wine, here at Heyland & Whittle we have distilled the essence of Christmas into three perfect fragrances for our new Festive Collection.

If you buried your nose into your Christmas wreath when picking it up from the florist you’d get a beautiful rush of sweet pine scent. This would be followed by notes of orange, sandalwood, seasonal berries and smoky balsam. We’ve saved you the embarrassment of having to inhale your festive decorations and distilled this feeling into our Frosted Wreath fragrance.

Just like the seasonal wreath welcomes visitors to your home, the Frosted Wreath Candle in a Tin is the perfect finishing touch to greet your guests. Light this unique soy wax candle an hour before they arrive and they’ll be met by its warming scent and captivating glow.

Copper pan of mulled wine

Photo credit: Unsplash/Hannah Pemberton

Mulled Wine

Nutmeg, cinnamon, clove and ginger… just thinking about the ingredients for our favourite mulled wine recipe is making us feel warm inside. Bringing them to life with red wine and citrus notes as they gently simmer in the pan turns these humble items into more than the sum of their parts. We use the same alchemy for the beautifully balanced scent in our Mulled Wine products and we think you’ll love filling your home with them.

If, like us, you can’t get enough of the quintessential festive tipple, spread its essence around the house with a Mulled Wine Reed Diffuser. You’ll get that warm glow without any hint of a foggy head the next morning.

Top tip: Add a few of our Festive Collection Mini Favour Soaps into your basket while buying other items from the range. This way you’ll have one handy if you suddenly realise you’ve forgotten a present for a distant relative or need to spice up the guest bathroom for a last-minute visitor.

Browse the collection and decide how to fragrance your home or pick up gifts for the coming season here.