What are the best colours for your bathroom?

What are the best colours for your bathroom?

If you're a fan of a good long soak in the tub, you know how important it is to create the right atmosphere in your bathroom. Making your bathroom into a relaxing haven can help you unwind even more and the colour you choose to paint the space is a big part of that.

The shade you use in your bathroom can really impact the feel of the room as well as its look. It's all well and good choosing a colour that you like, but it may not necessarily work in this part of your house, leaving the atmosphere a little lacking.

While typically people tend to go for whites and pale blues or greens in their bathrooms, this can actually be a bit cold, which isn't the best look. Instead of just going for typical colours when it comes to decorating your bathroom, have a look at how these great options will work:

Mellow yellow

Pastel colours look great in bathrooms as, typically, they are smaller spaces than the rest of your house. Lighter shades make the room seem bigger and help to brighten it up, which helps it look cleaner too.

Rather than a cool shade like mint green or aqua, opt for a warmer pastel shade such as yellow. Soft yellow colours - you don't want to go too bright - will add a bright and happy feeling to the room without making it feel cold. 

Team it with a slightly off-white colour and include other fresh shades - such as a brighter, natural green - to create a sunny and pretty space that is sure to help you relax.

Earthy neutrals

If you want something a bit more understated but still warm, try a palette of neutral colours. Sands, earth tones and creams can all combine to create an effective and modern room with minimal effort.

It's important to create the right atmosphere in your bathroom

Choose a lighter shade for the majority of the rooms - such as cream for the walls - and team this with darker, complementary colours for tiles and cabinets. Finish the look off by tying in your accessories like towels and soap dishes in with the colour scheme and you'll be onto a stylish winner that will never go out of fashion.

Just be sure that all the shades work together before you start painting and have a clear idea of what part of the room is going to feature which colour.

Minimalist grey

Those who prefer a minimalist look might want to swap the standard cold white for grey. You may think that grey is a cool colour, but there are so many variations of this shade available. If you choose one that has more red undertones than blue, it will ensure your bathroom still has a warm feel to it.

Whichever grey you choose for the space, remember not to be afraid to go a bit darker. Deeper tones of grey can be used to highlight certain parts of the room - such as your tiles - without sapping too much of its energy.

Warm the colour up even more by choosing yellow or rose gold metallic colours for fixtures instead of standard silver or chrome. This will still look really smart and add the perfect finishing touch to your design.

Pretty in pink

Pink may be a standard colour for bathrooms, but there's a reason for this. The shade is incredibly versatile and helps add a light warm touch to your room, no matter which tone you opt for.

While you can stick with a typical pastel colour, there are ways to make it look chicer. Rather than just painting your walls in one colour, go for floral patterns or wallpaper - just be sure the paper and paste you use are suitable for bathrooms. This adds a more decadent feel and means you can incorporate a number of complementary colours.

If you do want just one colour on the walls, make it a bit darker to add a bit of depth to the shade. You don't need to go for magenta, but a deeper shade will add more character to your bathroom. You can team this with chic touches like gold glittery tiles or bright pink towels and accessories.

Whatever colour you choose for your bathroom, make sure you relax in it properly with our gorgeous range of bath products