What do you need to make the most of candles?

What do you need to make the most of candles?

All you need to enjoy a candle is one in a scent you like and a match to light the wick, right? Candles may seem simple on the surface, but there are a few things you need to take into consideration in order to enjoy them at their best.

While our hand-poured soy wax candles are of the highest quality and feature a stunning range of fragrances - even if we do say so ourselves - to really make the most of them, you need to do more than just light them.

Here's how we recommended you use candles to really enjoy them:

Think about where you're putting them

Yes, you need to factor in safety aspects, such as not putting your candles in places where they can get knocked over or next to loose fabric, but the placement of your candles affect other things too. 

If you put your candle on the other side of the room to where you're sitting, it will take longer for you to enjoy the fragrance and you won't benefit as much from the calming, flickering light. This doesn't mean you need to place a candle right next to you, but if it's close to you, you'll enjoy it more.

Protect your surfaces

candles aren't as simple to use as they might seem

It's all well and good lighting a candle and enjoying the effect, but if it leaves marks on your furniture when the container has heated up, it defeats the object of using one. This is why it is really important that you place your candles on protective mats or coasters to look after your surfaces.

Make the most of the light

As well as fragrance, candles are brilliant because of the light they give off. Whether you use one or several to create a candlelit glow in your home, you really want to do what you can to make the most of the light. 

This means putting them in a space that is clear and open to let the light spread as much as possible. You might even want to put them in front of mirrors to reflect the light into the room. As our candles use soy wax, which is clean burning, your mirrors won't suffer from black soot that you constantly need to clean off. 

Don't blow them out

It's easy to blow your candles out when you've finished enjoying them, but this can mean that the smell of the blown out wick quickly overpowers the lovely scent you've just filled your home with. 

Instead, use a candle snuffer to put your candle out quickly and efficiently, while also trapping any smoke in the container so it doesn't ruin the fragrance.

Now you know how to make the most of candles, shop our full range here and enjoy your favourite scent